Nvidia Volta Xavier & 65″ Monitors | Intel Loihi Self Learn Chip & 49-QuBit CPU | CES 2018

Nvidia’s CES 2018 wasn’t quite the launch of the GeForce GTX 2000 series which folks had been hoping, and for now the only way to get a Volta in the home at any reasonable price is a Titan V (if you can call that price reasonable). But Nvidia Did show off the Big Format Gaming Display – which offers currently a 65 inch display with 120hz and HDR, Gsync and other standard features you’d expect on a TV. Combine this with the Xavier Volta processor for self driving cars.

A large portion of Intel’s conference and the best pieces of news were on exciting new chips, which are for neuromorphic processor, designed to mimic how a human brain works, along with a 49-qubit quantum computing processor.

33 thoughts on “Nvidia Volta Xavier & 65″ Monitors | Intel Loihi Self Learn Chip & 49-QuBit CPU | CES 2018

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  2. No one is asking for driverless cars…if this isn’t a pushed agenda I don’t know what is, furthermore are we still going to have to pay for insurance? If I’m not driving the thing I’m not paying for that shit

  3. We all know that electronic devices glitch, I trust myself much more then electronics! Also they crash going 25mph lol google cars do!!! Also these cars have no experience in slick conditions, like snow and ice…I personally see a lot of people dying…it’s nerve racking also for those choosing to drive themselves because all of these driverless cars won’t give gaps for merging like a human would…stupid idea…have fun sitting in a death trap

  4. "the most complex sock ever created"
    Man, they're really starting to push this 'internet of things' stuff pretty hard this year. :p

  5. your a handsome fellow but please stick to the desktop mic or however you capture audio when not on cam. audio is all over the place

  6. You is different, content is spot on regardless.

    Do what you will.

    Edit: only critical point, sound level change. pet peeve of mine.

  7. I've spent the last few days watching AMD boys piss their pants at how the latest problems dont effect them. Let us know how your Win10 re-install goes.


  8. Honestly what is the big deal between 4ms and 1ms? If 4k tv's are between 3-4 times worse latency than great gaming monitors, which have a latency of 1ms, then I'd rather save my money and just get a 4k hdr low latency tv. Assuming of course that the refresh rates are similar. Monitors are so much more expensive than tv's so unless there is a big benefit then I just dont see the point.

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  10. why do people complain bou the audio. okay its not the same all the way thrue but its not that bad u can hear everything perfectly fine so why u complaining its not an entertainment channel

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