One was waiting for it, and it came. NVidia GTX 570 is official and in the next days it will be free already in the shops. The new graphic card of NVidia, the second one of the present generation after the GTX 580, has been thrown officially by NVidia who describes with all the advantages of his older sister 580 but with a game price significantly minor.

For the technical characteristics, NVidia GTX 570 is only a bit worse than 580. For example, the clock moves to 732 MHz., It has fewer processors CUDA (480) and the memory also turns out to be reduced to 1.900 MHz, supporting of course the tag GDDR5. In the GTX 580 these values ​​are 772 MHz., 512 processors CUDA and memory to 2.004 MHz. As véis, a few numbers in favor of 580 but for very little.

The rest of characteristics of the NVidia GTX 570 is supported without important changes. We will keep on speaking even about the nucleus NVidia 'Fermi' GF110, DirectX 11, gone out of video miniHDMI and two DVI, although also it will consume something less 219 watts (maximum TDP) and will need less energy (2 connectors of 6 pines).
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NVIDIA GTX 570, concluding

Not long ago less than one month there appeared the NVidia GTX 580, and for then many people made sure that one was the real Fermi. What the GTX could not obtain 400 Series they had achieved it with 580.

NVidia GTX 570 is a potpourri on 580. It is 580 traced but designed to consume a little less and, hence, also to be a little less powerful. I am sure of that the users most advanced in overclocking will be able to extract the sufficient party to 570 to turn it into 580.

Interesting? His price in Spain will be approximately approximately 330 euros, which supports it in a position of graphic card of high scale. It is clear that the difference with regard to the GTX 580 is more that fundamental (from 480 to 330 euros), and from my point of view the new model wins too in quality / price.

Neverheless, the real juice of the NVidia 500 Series is still to come. This GTX 570 is a repetition of the first one 580 but with a few small changes, point. The one that really looks that it will be interesting is the NVidia GTX 560 that, most likely, will come in the first weeks of 2011. This will be the one that really it plants facing the average scales of AMD, where for the time being 6870 and 6850 continue with advantage with his last.

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