NVIDIA GeForce 9600GT Review


For a start, 9600 has a new core (G94) which is a scaled down version of the 8800's G92. The core does not support Shader Model 4.1, which takes away the future proofing, but overall it's a capable performer. Its 512 MB 256-bit memory is more than enough for a mid-high mid range gamer's requirements. The number of Shader Processing units has also been reduced to 64, but as a compensation, the core speed of the shaders is increased to 1600 MHz, and the core speed has also been increased to 650MHz, which appears a fair enough compensation and the card is capable of coping well with recent games. It also features an enhanced version of Pure Video HD, so the card is well equipped to compete with the ATI rivals.

Performance and Conclusion

In 3dMark06 at 1024 x 768 resolutions, it scores 9900, which is pretty good for the price, as compared to ATI HD 3850's 9300 and 3870's 10190. But it is still behind the 8800GT's 11010 as expected. Performance in "Crysis" and "World in Conflict" was also roughly at par with 3850 and 3870, which proves its dominating performance. NVIDIA GeForce 9600GT is pretty well equipped to satisfy anyone. The card is capable enough and is adequate price makes it an attractive option for someone looking for an upgrade or putting together a gaming pc. Its lack of shader model support is a bit letdown, but overall is a great performer which offers more than enough for someone looking for a mid-price range graphics card.

Technical Specifications

Core clock: 650MHz
Shader clock: 1.6 GHz
Stream processors: 64
Memory clock: 900 MHz
Memory interface: 256-bit
Memory size: 512 MB
API Support: OpenGL 2.1, DirectX 10 (SM 4.0)
Slot: PCI Express 2.0 x16
SLI Ready

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