NVIDIA Freestyle

Unique new feature in Geforce Experience

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40 thoughts on “NVIDIA Freestyle

  1. I just went into game filters, added the color filter, and under the color filter I pumped vibrance to 100 and holy hell it's nice. sweetFX is back???? <3

  2. For me it says youre only able to use it on supported games. I tried using it in csgo but it doesnt work? Know a fix?

  3. Yo i need some help with this i installed Geforce turned on experimental settings restarted my pc but the feature isn't there?

  4. Not finding the game filter in Geforce menu when in a game using Alt+Z? Don't worry follow these things as they have worked for me when I didn't know what to do. (DISCLAIMER: IT ONLY WORKS FOR NIVIDA GFX USERS!)

    1. Exit steam completely (make sure it's not running)
    2. Open Geforce and tick the checkbox 'Enable experimental features. A Geforce Experience update may be required'
    3. It will then install the update.
    4. Restart your computer
    5. open up the GeForce menu by pressing Alt+Z and game filter should appear
    6. Enjoy!

    Make sure to like this comment so everyone who has this issue will work for them as it helped me alot!

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