Xbox 360 Repairs – The 2 Fastest Ways To Get Your Xbox Fixed! Read This!

If you are currently looking for Xbox 360 repairs then this article will tell you the choice is you have and also give advice on what we consider to be the best way to get back to your gaming.

You really only have 3 choices if you have a broken Xbox.

Your first choice for Xbox 360 repairs is to send it back to Microsoft and this is the most commonly used choice, you will have to wait about four weeks to get your console back then you may have to pay an extra fee. The fee they charge for repairs is normally $140.

This is quite a good way if you don’t mind waiting or paying a bit extra!

The next choice you have is to use a third party company and this will be the same as sending it to Microsoft, except you have to bear in mind that this company will have nothing to do with Microsoft. They normally boast quicker return times and service.

This can be potluck in what sort of service you are granted and also if you get a working Xbox back!

The final choice you have and our recommended choices to use a good Xbox 360 repair guide which will show you how to do the repairs from home. If you find a good one and come with complete high definition videos and a guarantee.

You should also make sure that they give you some sort of preview so he can see what you’re getting before you commit.

In the resource box at the bottom of this article you can see our recommended Xbox 360 repair guide that has been on the market for over three years and helped over 20,000 people get back to their games.

I hope this article has told you the different ways you can get back to your games fast.

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