Xbox 360 Red Ring Of Death Fix – Best Repair Guide Reviews

By far, this was the best Xbox 360 repair guide, and the one we recommend the most. What really set this repair guide apart from the others, was there professional 720p high definition video tutorials. The attention to detail is amazing. There guide is extremely easy to follow, they have made it this way to ensure that everyone will be able to fix there console with ease. There customer support is also excellent, if you have any questions they will be happy to answer them. This has been the only repair guide thus far, to which we have awarded a perfect score of 10.

How To Fix The Xbox 360 Red Ring Of Death
The Xbox 360 is a wonderful game console, but the one thing that scares gamers to death about the Xbox 360, is the red ring of death. Those 3 little flashing red lights have caused a lot of headaches to gamers around the world. Most experts estimate that the red ring of death will strike 1 out of 3 consoles, that would be roughly 33% failure rate. Others have suggested 1 out of 4 consoles. Both numbers are to high in our opinion, after all you have spend anywhere from $200-$499 to buy your Xbox 360. You don’t want to be looking for a Xbox 360 repair guide anytime soon after purchasing a brand new console.

Are There Ways To Avoid The Red Ring Of Death?

There are some steps you can take to help your console run smoother, and possibly avoid the red ring of death. First off, you must understand that in most cases, the 3 flashing red lights are caused do to over-heating. So, you need to keep your console as cool as possible at all times. You can go about doing this in several ways. We suggest, you should always store your Xbox 360 console in a cool place with lots of space for air-flow. Next, consider purchasing an add-on cooling fan. They cost around 25 bucks, and are very effective at keeping your console cool. You can extend the life of your Xbox 360 by following these tips.

So, What Are Some Ways To Fix The Xbox 360 Red Ring Of Death?

The most common way to fix it, is to send it to the factory. If you still have your warranty in tact, Microsoft will fix it for free, but it could take 4-6 weeks before you get your console back. Besides having to wait so long, you might not even get your original console back. Chances are they will send you a refurbished Xbox 360 console. If you don’t have a warranty, they will still fix it, but it will cost you money. Over-all most gamers don’t choose this repair method do to the time & money involved.

Other Xbox 360 Repair Methods…

The best and easiest way to fix your broken Xbox 360 is to do it yourself. Fixing it your self has many benefits. Time, usually you can fix your Xbox 360 within 2 hours with the right repair guide. That definitely beats waiting around 4-6 weeks. Once you learn how to repair your Xbox 360, you can use that skill to fix your friends consoles as well. Fixing the Xbox 360 yourself is much easier than you might imagine. You don’t have to be a Tech-Geek to fix your Xbox 360, the average person is more than capable of getting the job done. You do have to be careful, you don’t want to be just following any repair guide on the internet. Our site only recommends the best Xbox 360 repair guides for you. So we strongly recommend you use one of the guides we have approved.

Xbox 360 Repair Guides You Should Avoid

The internet is saturated with inaccurate guides, and advice on how to go about fixing your Xbox 360. You have probably herd of the “Towel Trick Method” this is a dangerous repair method that you should avoid. This method suggests that wrapping a hot towel around your Xbox 360 will fix the over heating problem. First off, wrapping towels around your Xbox 360 will make the console even hotter! On top of that you run the risk of starting a fire! Please, do not follow this guide, doing so might cause permanent damage to your Xbxo 360 console.

On the other hand, we have found some repair guides that advise you to put your Xbox 360 in the freezzer. Okay, this is a very bad idea. You run the risk of damaging your console beyond repair. This is also another bad repair method that you should definitely avoid.

It is sad to see that many people fall for these crazy repair techniques mentioned above. Once you damage your Xbox 360 beyond repair, you will have no choice but to buy a brand new console. Spending another $200-$499 for a console is not something any gamer looks forward to doing.

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