Xbox 360 One Red Light Fix – Your Options to Repair the Xbox 360 E74 Error

Darn it, you need the Xbox 360 One Red Light Fix. This issue is officially known as the Xbox 360 E74 error, the most common reason for this issues is that your system was overheating. So now you know what caused your problem, but lets move on to the important part, what do you do now? Lets take a look at your options…

The truth is, for a lot of people, getting your fixing the Xbox 360 one red light error is no easy task, this is why many people will suggest to you that you send your console to Microsoft and, and have the “experts” repair the Xbox 360 one red light error. First you should ask yourself if this is really the best option for you, and if there are other options available? I am hear to tell you that you basically have two options, send the console to Microsoft and let them take care of it… Or, you can just take matters into your own hands.

Xbox 360 One Red Light Fix With Microsoft?

If you do decided to send your console to Microsoft for the repairs, its very important that you factor in the fact that this is not a free service. In fact, the cost for repairs will probably be around $150.. This is of course assuming that your console is not still under warranty, if it ever was. The other discouraging issue with sending the console to Microsoft is the long waiting period before you get your console back.. It usually takes a minimum of 3 weeks before you get your system back, and it has been reported that it can take up to 6 or 7 weeks before you see your Xbox again… All cause of that darn Xbox 360 E74 Error.

Xbox 360 One Red Light Fix By Myself?

The truth is, a lot of people, even those who aren’t that tech savvy, find this to be the best option. It’s inexpensive, it’s fast and most people find it very simple to complete if you use the right repair guide. I would go as far as to say its highly recommended that you decide to use a repair guide, even if you think you know what your doing, its always nice to have simple step-by-step instructions by your side with pictured and videos in case you run into any unexpected issues.

Perhaps the biggest benefit of doing this yourself is you won’t have to pay the $150 that Microsoft would charge, all that is required is that you pay a very small percentage of that fee for a repair guide to help you do it yourself. Another bonus is that you won’t have to wait weeks and weeks to get back to using your system. In most cases it has been reported that people fix there Xbox 360 within the same day that they download the guide. There have also been many reports of people fixing the Xbox 360 One Red Light Error (or Xbox 360 E74 Error) within 1 hour after they have downloaded the repair guide. Anyone can accomplish this including yourself…

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