Xbox 360: 10 Years Later


The Xbox 360 one decade later is a very different console than in 2005.
When the Xbox 360 launched the world was a different place. Gaming was just transitioning to HD, multiplayer on consoles was still in its’ infancy and digital downloads had a lot of growing up to do. Microsoft was the first to launch with the Xbox 360 and enjoyed several big advantages over the PlayStation 3 and Nintendo Wii that can still been seen today.

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  1. now the 360 is almost dead it is not supported by ms anymore,bye bye my friend you served me good while I waited to upgrade now I got a ps4 so I should be OK

  2. I got the xbox360 slim and it's now 20016 and it's still going strong I play battlefield games and racing games like Forza horizon and that's just to name a few:)

  3. this just goes to show you how watered down the current generation of consoles are. Nothing mind blowing or truly pushing the boundaries.

  4. Ahh…. I loved this thing. Now I've moved on to PC gaming though. I used to play burnout paradise on that thing loads starts crying Well, this is Lord, signing off. Oh, and also: #pcmasterrace

  5. it use to brick all the time was a piece of sht but the controller is nice the new one sucks its rubber gets sticky and music keeps interupting games cuz i heard it all before, basically everything is fked, no one cares listen to the same shitty music again and again

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