What’s New with Microsoft Office Word 2007?

Microsoft Office Word 2007 is an effective software that allows users to tap into the main frame of completing assignments in style. The software in itself contains an array of features that helps students, small business owners, and IT professionals create high-quality documents with ease. Have you endured the troubles of downloading 2007 Word documents? Well, Microsoft embedded an interesting amount of features that can help anyone interested in producing high-quality documents without hiring a professional.

Compatibility Features

Microsoft decided to introduce the compatibility features that allow you to convert your documents into different formats from previous versions. This was an innovative approach to make things easier for business, school, and home users to convert their documents for others. By allowing such a conversion, many people are still able to review documents that are not in Microsoft Office 2007 formats.

If you’re interested in accessing this feature, open Microsoft Office Word and visit the Start section in the form of an Office symbol. Open the document in which you’d like to convert into a different format, then re-open Start > Save As and you will see six options available:

• Word Document
• Word Template
• Word 97-2003
• OpenDocument Text
• PDF or XPS file
• Rich Text Format and more.

Each format is made with a specific user in mind. If you are used to the new Microsoft Office 2007, this feature alone provides an outstanding change in your productivity.

Preparation for Distribution

Another well-sought feature is the preparation for distribution options available through Start > Prepare.

Every document will need some kind of preparation before you send it to an instructor, manager, or supervisor that demands details in an instant. A good way to prepare your document is to check its Properties by including your name, adding a title, and keywords associated with the document. You can also use the Inspect Document feature to check for hidden personal data and metadata. You never want to send sensitive data without protection; Encrypt Document allows you to place a password on the document that only a recipient should know. If this does not sound like it’s going to help you, consider the Digital Signature feature to increase the integrity of a document.

Office professionals can use Microsoft Office Word 2007 to enrich their documents beyond their imaginations. You can learn about the software by downloading a trial version from Microsoft.com. You will notice all of the features that we discussed in this article as a benefit to your business, office, or home needs. Another benefit available for Microsoft Office Word 2007 users is the availability of self-study training courses, such as those available through Netwind Learning Center. They are designed to help you navigate through the software with no problems.

Anyone interested in purchasing Microsoft Office Word 2007 software, should consider the trial version first then move into the paid version. A lot of individuals unfamiliar or uncomfortable with the new format of the Word layout may resort to their current version of Microsoft Office 97-2003 for document purpose. You have the option to convert anytime; consider all of the benefits, training, and ease of using this software has for managing documents in today’s work environment.

J. Pines is a technical writer of both IT and Business articles. For more information on MS Office 2007 training products visit Netwind Learning Center.


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