What Video Game System Is Best For Adults?

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Which gaming console is best out there? Well, there are three consoles that are definitely popular among others. These are PlayStation 3, Wii and Xbox 360. In terms of portable gaming consoles, the top two are PlayStation Portable and Nintendo DS. So which of these is best for adult gaming?

Below are the features of all 5 so you can decide for yourself.

1. PlayStation 3
Also known as PS 3, this is the newer sibling of PlayStation and PlayStation 2. It has an online gaming service that is unified, it can be connected with PlayStation Portable, it has a “Blu-Ray Disc”, which is an optical disc format that is very high definition, as a storage device, and to top it all off, as a cherry on top, it has great multimedia capabilities. There were two stock keeping units that were available on its launch back in 2007. The basic one that has a 20 gigabytes of hard disk drive and the special version that has 60 gigabytes of hard disk drive with added features.

2. Wii
This is a gaming console that was released by Nintendo, in response to the Xbox 360 of Microsoft and PS 3 of Sony, topping the performance of its predecessor, Nintendo Gamecube. A very competitive feature of this console is its controller that is wireless. This is the Wii remote that can detect movement. Its features are its very user friendly menu, its compatibility to Gamecube, it can be connected to its famous handheld version, Nintendo DS, it can be connected to the Net and if you are a parent, you will love this, it allows parental restrictions.

3. Xbox 360
Since NVIDIA stopped the GPU production of the original Xbox, Xbox 360 was thus produced and released in 2005. Its features are that it has a removable hard drive additive; it can support a game library via emulation. This emulation can be updated via Xbox Live.

4. PlayStation Portable
This is a portable device that is part of the PlayStation family. This device uses an optical disc format as its main storage (Universal Media Disc). It also has a wide screen that is good to watch movies in and play its games. It also has an extendable memory, you can buy 2GB, 4GB or even 8 GB memory. It has an option to play against other gamers with PSP through its wireless connection and you can also connect to the internet as it also has Wi-Fi.

5. Nintendo DS (or DS Lite)
A very unique feature of this handheld game is its two screens, with the horizontal one being touch screen. It has a clam shell architecture that has its own microphone and is also Wi-Fi ready. This game was actually released in America before Japan. 2 years after the release, Nintendo DS Lite was introduced, which is a lighter and sleeker version of the original one. It also has brighter LCD screens and it is also thinner.

Given these features, it is up to you to decide which system is best for adult gaming.

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