What is Xbox 360 Red Lights?

The xbox 360 red lights problem that is common amongst xbox 360 consoles is a common problem which renders the xbox unusable. Amongst all the errors that the xbox 360 has, the most prominent one is the three red rings of death or more commonly known as (RROD).

Red rings of death (RROD) has a high occurance rate within xbox 360 consoles of 16.4% (or 1 within 6 consoles that you purchase) and that there is a high chance that your console may have such a hardware failure or core digital failure.

A good example of such a failure of the three red lights on the xbox 360 is that out of the 4 sections that surround the xbox 360 power button, 3 of them are lighted in red.

There are also other errors, and below is a summary of each of the errors that show up on the xbox 360 and their error codes:-

1 red light

E 74, E 79, E 71 is shown on screen and a solution to fix it is by ensuring that your A/V connections on your xbox 360 is secured. Another possible cause to the error is that there is a power surge or outage on your system.

2 red lights

The xbox 360 is overheating and it is best to switch off the xbox 360 and let it cool off for a few hours. Another option would be to let the xbox 360 have sufficient ventilation by lifting off the bottom of the xbox 360 from the ground.

3 red lights

This is the most common error code and is caused by the poor soldering that is done on the xbox 360 one of the most common ways by which to solve this problem is to open up the xbox 360 to scrap off the solder for resoldering the system. A more comprehensive microsoft articles touches on this three red lights problems more specifically at xbox 360 red lights. And if you want to solve this problem of three red lights on your xbox 360, check out this xbox 360 three red lights fix for your xbox.

4 red lights

This error is similar to the 1 red light error with the exception that error codes are not shown on screen. The A/V connections have to be secured on your xbox 360 in this case. This error may also occur if there are power surges or very brief power outages whilst the console is running and the solution would be to unplug and plug back the power supply of the console.

In conclusion

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