Two Red Light Xbox 360 Fan Shut Down – Fix This Problem Today!

Ask any avid Xbox 360 gamer about one of the things they dread the most when it comes to their consul and you’ll get a pretty unanimous response. The dreaded “Ring of Death” which pretty much signifies something terribly wrong with the consul thus rendering it quite useless. This is the most common problem that many gamers experience. However, it is not the only thing that could go wrong. Another problem, though not as well known, is the Two Red Light Xbox 360 Fan Shut Down. Usually, this could be caused by a loose screw and can be easily fixed but there are times when it’s more than that and it could be something to do with the hard disc itself. The Two Red Light Xbox 360 Fan Shut Down can also cause your entire system to malfunction if you keep on using it despite the fact that the fan within the consul is no longer functioning. Basically, this fan is what keeps your consul from completely overheating from too much use. Thus, a small problem like the Two Red Light Xbox 360 Fan Shut Down can eventually lead to a much bigger such as overheating. Now, before you panic, read on to find out the things that could be done in order to get your Xbox functioning well again.

One of the things you can do in order to fix this problem is to send it back to Microsoft for repair as well as refurbishing. This is a very convenient solution for those among us who aren’t as attached to our consuls when compared to avid gamers. You simply send them the consul and they’ll fix it for you. Within 2 weeks or so, you’ll get your consul back, ready to be used again. However, if your warranty has expired, you would need to pay them $100 to get your Xbox fixed. Plus, if you are an avid gamer or just simply addicted to the game, the long wait alone might drive you over the edge. So what else could be done in order to fix the Two Red Light Xbox 360 Fan Shut Down problem?

Well, you could try doing it yourself. I know what you’re thinking, “How can I possibly do this without having done it before?” It’s rather simple, actually. The internet provides us with so much information about even the most mundane of things and it’s not surprising that it also provides us with great resources for when it comes to fixing the Two Red Light Xbox 360 Fan Shut Down problem. Do a quick search and you’ll see exactly what I mean. There is information which is provided for free whilst there are those that you would have to pay for. But the thing is, it isn’t a matter of how expensive the guide is or if you got it for free. The true test here is how easily one can understand the guide, how specific and clear the instructions are and how experienced the author is when it comes to fixing Xbox problems. Thing is, if you opt to fix the problem yourself, the only way you can be 100% sure that you’ve done the right thing and fixed the red light problem is to learn from an expert who has long been fixing Xbox 360 consuls and knows the machine like the back of their hands.

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