Top 10 Xbox 360 Exclusive Games

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As the name might suggest, only games that were exclusive to the Xbox 360 home console made the cut, Mass Effect has to sit this one out as the games later did get PS3 ports, although games that also had a PC port are still fair game.

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33 thoughts on “Top 10 Xbox 360 Exclusive Games

  1. This is why I don't like Xbox. I'm 15 and I'm not allowed to play M rated games, and only 3 of the games on the list are rated T or under. Seriously, if you can't play rated M games, there are almost no good games to play

  2. expected halo 3 and gears of war 2 to be 1 and 2 but didn't expect forza horizon to be number 3

  3. My List:

    1. Halo: Reach
    2 .Forza Horizon
    3. Fable II
    4. Halo 4
    5. Peggle
    6. Crackdown
    7. Fable III
    8. Forza Horizon 2
    9. Super Meat Boy
    10. Dungeon Defenders

    Honourable Mentions:

    Battleblock Theater
    Halo 3
    Forza Motorsport 3
    Forza Motorsport 4

  4. 10. Halo 3 (same)
    9. The Witcher 2: Among Kings
    8. Prey
    7. Infinite Undiscovery
    6. Tales of Vesperia
    5. Condemned: Criminal Origins
    4. Alan Wake (same)
    3. Bastion
    2. Kameo: Elements of Power
    1. Mass Effect

    Honorable Mentions

    Gears of War
    Fable II (same)
    Trials HD (same)
    Left 4 Dead (same)
    Shadow Complex (same)

    Mass Effect was exclusive for so long I'm counting it.

  5. All the 360 had was gears of war, halo, forza, fable, crackdown, left 4 dead. While the superior PS3 had the last of us, uncharted, god of war, killzone, resistance, ratchet & clank, metal gear solid 4, gran turismo, kingdom hearts, infamous.

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