The Xbox 360 Three Red Lights Fix

I was so excited when I bought my new Xbox 360 that I went on to buy the 3 latest games that were released for the console and set out to play them. I forgot when to eat and when to sleep and most of time was spent with the Xbox. All was fine for a couple of months until one day my Xbox just refused to start. I could see three red lights flashing on it and the console behaved as if dead. That is when the worst began. Running after Microsoft to get it repaired and waiting for it to come back without a permanent resolution was all a killing experience and for once I felt I made the wrong decision by deciding to buy the Xbox 360. I got to know that something called as ‘the Xbox 360 three red lights fix’ was only a myth.

What is the Xbox 360 three red lights fix all about?

This problem is otherwise called as the “red ring of death” or, the “RROD”. In this situation, three lights flash red on the Ring of Light (RoL) on the front of your Xbox 360 console. The upper-right quadrant light is the only light that does not flash red. The three flashing red lights normally indicates that there is a hardware problem with your Xbox 360 console. Since its initial launch, the Xbox 360 has been criticized by every reviewer, including the media as the system constantly overheats, is poorly manufactured, and is too unstable.

What are these Ring of Lights?

These ring of lights are normally flashing green. But if for some reason these green lights start to flash red, then there could be a problem – major or, minor. the minor problems can be resolved from the comfort of your home. The Xbox 360’s ring is divided into four separate quadrants. Each division turning red indicates a separate problem, all with a different way of resolving the issue. The initial troubleshooting steps involve switching off your console and unplugging and replugging all the cables.

  1. If all of the lights but the first section are flashing, this means a general hardware failure has occurred. In such a case there is not much that can be done. You can try to unhook and reattach your cables to check if normalcy is restored.
  2. If the problem is indicated in the second quadrant of the system, it is because of overheating. This could be because of continuous play and the proposed cure is to unplug the unit from the power supply and let it sit to cool down. You can try to place the console at a better place where it gets enough air so that it doesn’t get heated.
  3. A problem appearing in the third quadrant of the Xbox 360 ring of light is diagnosed as a hardware failure and would require technical assistance. You can try unplugging and re-plugging the cables but that doesn’t help much.
  4. If all four lights are flashing on the front of your console, then the fix is easy. This is an issue with the AV cable not being properly inserted into the back of the console. Just make sure the cord “clicks” once it has been inserted into the unit and this should resolve the problem.
  5. If it is the three lights that are flashing red except the one at the upper right hand corner, we call it the Red Ring of death and then the Xbox 360 three red lights fix is normally only at the Microsoft Service Center.

Before calling up the service center though, you should try – unplugging and replugging all the cables and letting your Xbox rest for a couple of hours so that it cools down completely. A few users have suggested an easy Xbox 360 three red lights fix. This is by wrapping the Xbox console in a moist towel. Though this has resolved problems of a few of my friends as well, i am not too sure if this is an appropriate solution or, not.

I had read a few Xbox 360 three red lights fix in certain “Xbox repair guides” that are available on the internet today and found that they were very useful. At least my Xbox is working fine and I have not had to go through the pain of sending the Console to Microsoft Service Center, the way I did in the initial couple of times. There are a lot of reviews of these guides as well, which proved helpful to me at least.

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