Special Features of Xbox Kinect

These days, manufacturers of gaming device are trying to outdo themselves. When Nintendo Wii came out to the market a few years ago, gaming fans went wild. Gone are the days when playing a video game means sitting in front of the TV for several hours, holding a joystick, and pressing the buttons until your fingers turn numb. Nintendo Wii allows its players to move and use their body parts to play different games. This is their answer to health-conscious individuals who once thought that playing video games can make them obese or overweight. They even launched Wii Fit used for doing physical activities like running, yoga, etc. Because of the success of Wii, Sony also launched a similar gaming device which they called PlayStation Move. And this year, everybody is buzzing about the new Xbox Kinect by Microsoft.

You might ask, what is so special about Kinect? What is the difference between Kinect and the other two? The answer is simple. Nintendo Wii and PlayStation Move use a remote controller while Xbox Kinect does not. This up and coming gaming device uses a sensor to detect your body movements and also to recognize your face and your voice.

Since the Kinect can track the different movements of your body, this means that you can experience full-body play. You fully control the game with every shake, wave, and jiggle that your body makes from head to toe.

You can also experience personalized play since Kinect can recognize your voice and face. Your character can talk to other characters in the game. You can also connect with your friends through Xbox LIVE.

It is true that playing video games has never been this fun, personal, and healthy with the new Xbox Kinect coming to stores near you later this year. So start gathering your friends as soon as you buy Kinect and have fun moving, laughing, talking, and playing games all together.

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