Safety Plan Template – How to Make Your Own Safety Templates Using MS Word

The following are steps on how to make your own Safety Plan Templates using MS Word.

Step 1

Open Word Templates from different files aside from templates located in the word document. These templates can be opened in Microsoft Template or Microsoft Office. They also share a .dot extension, different from the usual document extension.

Step 2

Start creating your template using MS word. You can also use various open documents in creating your Safety plan templates. Do not save your file as a docx file, instead click the ‘Save as type’ and choose ‘document template’ to save your file as template.

Step 3

You can also add and insert various field codes from the ‘Insert’ command located on the menu bar of your template. Date field is one of the most commonly used field codes, which allows you to change the present date every time a template is opened.

Step 4

Open an existing template on a new word document. You can press CTRL+N to open a new MS word document quickly. When you open an existing saved template, its command box will contain a section called ‘New from Template’.

This file folder actually contains different office templates which include newly created templates. Your next step here would be to give your template a new name and save it as a word document.

Additional Tips:

You can also check out Microsoft’s website for more kinds of templates, or you can try different publishing desktop sites.

For additional assistance, you can use Microsoft’s built-in assistance by clicking ‘Help’ located on the menu bar, then key-in ‘templates’ as your keyword.

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