RIP Xbox 360…

R.I.P. Xbox 360…
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RIP Xbox 360…Goodnight, Sweet Prince

Microsoft is no longer manufacturing new Xbox 360 consoles, so I wanted to make a video that pays tribute to the Xbox 360!

This video is NOTHING like the RIP Xbox One video at all. I wanted to get nostalgic and reminisce about all of the amazing moments I had on the Xbox 360.

So, I made a montage of all of my favorite moments from many years of playing on the Xbox 360 and making videos on the Xbox 360!

This console has literally changed my life, and I’ll always be grateful and appreciative of the experiences and opportunities it has created for me over the years.

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27 thoughts on “RIP Xbox 360…

  1. My 360 was my second console. I got it when I was 6 and I'm now 15 I'm still playing Xbox and I remember doing a 2 day sprint on Halo Reach with my friends laughing our arses off. And even though it's sat collecting dust, and will no longer work I plan to keep it. I might spruce it up and put it on my wall

  2. If its on a rrod , Remove Usb's and HardDrives , Start The Xbox, It will work fine, and insert usb and hard drive and reboot :)

  3. 8:23 I am so disappointed with mike right now he says this shit is better than guitar hero 3 he probably doesn't even know how successful that game was

  4. I mean a lot of people would never buy a xbox 1 for different by pass so they can save money like reasonable kids cough cough
    So like 5 million people still play with xbox 360

  5. im from the future the ps4 graphics are shitty. in the year 4000 the PS70000000 the graphics are so real i was touching the screen and gta80000000 the graphics are so real when my mom saw me killing people she thought it was the news

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