Quality Control for Microsoft Dynamics NAV (Navision)

Microsoft Dynamics NAV for Quality Control: To make sure that production is exceeding or meeting the Quality Standards that are pre-defined.

This may seem really simple; however, having a formal testing procedure will ensure you meet your customer’s standards. No business minded individuals wants to make products of poor quality. In addition, it is not the desire of business personnel to utilize products of poor quality in the process of their production. Quality Control for Microsoft Dynamics NAV allows for Raw Materials to be tested before being placed in your Inventory. It is also used for testing of Finished Goods before being shipped to their customers.

A lot of clients place testing items in a location that is quarantined, until testing is complete. Only after the item is approved for shipment, or been used in other products, the item is then transferred to an accessible location.

The QC process is as followed:

1. Creation of the Test Specifications. (Values and Measures)

2. Perform the test on the item and then record the test results.

3. If the item is passed, then the item is transferred to the available location for usage in other components or for shipment.

Quality Control is developed to enable customer specifications on every Item. The item specifications are able to hold effective dates and multiple versions on every Version. It is similar to that of a production bill of materials. Consumers are now able to notify you of upcoming specification requirements before your next production run.

When you test a Lot number, it is being tested against your internal specifications. Later a test can be done to compare a customer’s specification standards. The certificate of analysis of the test results can be printed instantly. The CofA can be re-printed if needed for shipment too. All test results are then stored in a log named “Testing Results” for historical and reporting purposes.

A test table will be utilized to enter authentic test results, which then compares your high and low limit standards to the genuine test results. Test results that are non-conforming will be labelled as exceptions.

Dynamics’s item tracking granule is what Quality Control is built around. Item tracking facilitates serial number tracking or lot number tracking on either raw materials or finished goods (produced items or purchased items).

Typically, representatives of customer service select the Lot Numbers. To make conformance to specified customer quality measures, the “pickers” need to pick the right Lot Number from the bins. It is recommended that you design the shipment document so that it displays the preferred Lot Number(s) that meets the specifications of the customer. A new specific customer certificate of the results analysis is able to be directly re-generated from the document of posted shipments.


• Your item’s desired QC specifications is established.

• Establishing customer specific quality measures is optional.

• Receive Lot Numbered Inventory Items. (Make or buy)

• Lot numbers are tested, the test Results are recorded, a certificate of acceptance is printed.

• Choose the correct lot number to pick, and only sell those item(s) that match your customer’s specifications.

• Printing an extra customer specific certificate of acceptance is optional.

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