PS4 – 3 Years Later – Predictions & Concerns – Adam Koralik

So here are my thoughts on Sony’s Playstation 4 after three years of using it. I also largely discuss some concerns I have. I will be doing the same thing for the Nintendo Wii U and Microsoft XBox One.

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  1. Big fan of your channel man. I started collecting more since I started watching. I like to collect OG Xbox myself. By a stroke of luck, I landed a SEALED copy of Daemon Vector for the Xbox and have it coming inbound. That game will go in a safe inside of a safe! xD

  2. I own all the consoles so that I can play exclusives. The bulk of my time gets spent playing multiplatform sports games. My big question is…What is the launch price of Scorpio, if it can do the things that it supposedly will be able to? The GPU for 4k on PC right now is what, $400. I know they can take a loss but they are still a business. I am truly intrigued by the line that they have to toe for Project Scorpio. Look forward to it.

  3. 11:30 You say that down the line developers will reach a point where their games won't run well on the original PS4 hardware. As you said there are already 40 million PS4s in the wild already. Why would a developer disregard that? I doubt they would let the game even get to that point where it can't run on the older hardware.

  4. I still can't help but feel like this is just the Sega CD again. The games still look mostly the same with a few graphical enhancements and you still play your old games. My real issue with this generation is the games library isn't what it should be three years in. And I don't count the digital only games. There's just been too many times you buy the game and the games go away. Don't dare have that drive go bad only to find you can no longer download it. And this whole VR thing still reminds me of how 3DTV was supposed to be such a huge thing.

  5. I think, in terms of the arms race, Sony's introduction of the PRO in 2016, practically ensures that they will have the final word on the destiny of the Scorpio. That final word ultimately being the PS5.

  6. sony doesn't know why?? Unless you like Halo (I dont), An Xbox was only a lower resolution way to play multiplats. people Google, see gameplay comparisons with the xbox one, and bought the PS4. simple.
    And before I get a fanboy label I NEVER owned a PS2, or PS3. I have an original xbox with 100 games, and a 360. My xbox live gamerscore is over 50K. going to PS4 wasn't easy.
    Until I realized there are TONS of exclusives. Street fighter, KOF XIV, Bloodborne, all the JRPGs…..not to mention all the hd remakes of the ps3 games I missed last gen.

  7. The thing with the xbone is its DOA in Japan! So it will never ever capture Japan. So M$ is always gonna be behind b/c of this ie Japan, Europe, U.S ect.

  8. Problem with the vr its to expensive, sure its 400$ but you need the camera and move controllers to, thats another 150ish dollars.

  9. i also can't fathom why people are spending $300 on the Xbone slim knowing the Scorpio is coming. Iwas going to do what I did last gen, but now I'm waiting to see what the Scorpio is like. Last gen I got a 360 at launch, and bought a ps3 in 2015 used cheap. catching up on exclusives all bought for pennies.

  10. My only concern is that if the Scorpio gives a deadly body blow to PlayStation….then all of a sudden …there's no competition…..ultimately gamers will be held to ransom.

  11. all your points are solid. for all the tech advances and such, it irks me to no end that the single thing most gamers want is b/w compatibility. i know it will NEVER happen, but the single thing that sony can do that would give them an unbeatable edge is hardware based BC…imagine if they sold as a peripheral, a small sleek disc reader with say a usb port (or some such connection) that would attach to the ps4 and give consumers region free ps1/ps2. hell i would be ok if they had a another reader for ps3 games seperately. sell it at say, 100 a pop for the ps1/ps2, 150 for ps3. no controller ports no outlets…have it run thru the console.

    they do that and they wouldnt be able to keep those devices and the ps4 pro on shelves. If they would make the "shells" of the cd readers in the shape and color of ps1/ps2/ps3's (think like nintendo mini) they would make more money!

    but no…videogame companies are all about reselling past titles again. i see it with ALL the companies. Its gotten to the point that i have almost lost all interest in sony, MS, and nintendo that i almost strictly retro game nowadays.

  12. Despite the fact that the Playstation has been my prefered way to play since the mid-cycle of the PS3
    And despite how much Microsoft screwed everything up in the early days of the Xbone.. I have to say that they've been doing a good job on making the machine more appealing.
    The backwards compatability thing is a big thing for me, even if it's a bit clunky.
    Sony seem to be resting on their laurels too much.

  13. hey Adam, this is off topic but would you consider doing a second generation video game retrospective? I would be really interested in seeing one, especially your thoughts on the Atari 2600.

  14. One big advantage the PS4 has over the One is the fact that if you are a PC gamer, PS4 has a lot of exclusives but the One has next to none. Sure you can play 360 games on One but it's way cheaper to buy a 360 to play them.
    So yeah as a PC gamer who have a 360, I'm considering buying a PS4 slim next year (or a pro if they can garrantee 1080P 60FPS on most patched game).

  15. SONY and Nintendo should team up and finish what they started on 1988. Doesn't matter who's the Yin and who's the Yang, but it should work for both. It would give a sharp contrast to Microsoft's XBOX console series.

  16. What makes a console next gen? Graphical upgrades… that's it, so imo the PS4 Pro is a 9th Gen console, just with ps4 backwards compatibility. Its like the ps2 being called the ps1 pro…same situation, same controller, backwards compatible, better graphics. These companies are just reducing the generation life cycle from 5 years to 3, allowing them to make more money faster by pumping out new consoles quicker.

    Its like the Apple iPhone business model, sony and ms will keep the big number console changes to every 5 years while putting out a upgraded middle version inbetween.

  17. Games, games, games. I think even if the Pro is an inferior console to the Xbox One Scorpio Sony will be fine if they can produce a consistent stream of quality games. Right now they're really drip feeding titles to us because they are ahead and just letting third parties take the lead. Hopefully Sony feels threatened because they should. Not that Microsoft has been any better this gen but Sony needs to pick up their game. They haven't released a major Fall blockbuster title in years and it is starting to catch up with them.

  18. You forgot about the Nintendo Switch. This will impact both Sony and xbox. this season the nintendo classic nes mini came out and it's even a hot items for old and new gamers alike.

  19. Who said Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare was 120 gigs? At max, including Modern Warfare Remastered and the free VR mission, it's, like, 80 gigs.

  20. I just can't stand the 4K hype. Sony should of really focused on having a better 1080p experience with higher FPS, smoother better looking performance and so on. We are not that stupid. We know the PS4 pro can't do native 4k. I don't think they will sell a whole lot of the Pro's to the 40 million who already have a PS4. I will get a Pro, but at this point in time I don't feel like I'm missing anything.

  21. I think that was clearly a superficial analysis of what ps4pro is to the market,
    First the xbox one s sales over ps4 to the last months were related first, to ps4pro leaks, second to XBONE S is the least expensive UHDBD on the market, Third MS started a very dirty marketing over the internet with their partners and xbox ambassators, the media overall clearly started a very strange behaviour since the last E3.
    Developers will not be able to let PS4 to the ashes, i believed that at a moment this would happen but the fact is they can't, and they don't need to, its easy to port over ps4pro, and there is just too much ps4 owners, on the other side MS has too litle xbox one sales, and the hardware jump seems massive over it, to scorpio, so they have a much higher probability of doing this.
    Still MS said that will be easy to port to scorpio if some rules were followed by developers when creating the game.
    PS4PRO exists because it is something that i and many others were waiting for, many people found PS4 lack luster in power and thought that PS4 would initiate the 4k thing, it didn't, some did not bought it, PS4PRO on the other hand has some palpable hardware that can long at least sometime.
    it lacks the UHDBD that is really disapointing.
    It will be able to present to some degree a decent vr experience at an acessible price, it will make use of 4k displays and HDR, it will be a great source of content for people who has a 4k hdr tv, because UHD content is scarce.
    I will buy it and many other too, mostly because of the exclusives and the graphical advantages.
    And thats it, even with this media conspiracy thing that is clearly mining the sales of it, with the additional problems it has: games that underperform on pro mode, tv compatibility problems, etc…

  22. I own all current and last gen consoles amidst an expansive collection of retro systems, just putting that out there up front so I don't come across as a Sony fanboy… that said I think Sony have delivered a truly significant achievement this generation, breathing life into console culture. There are more than enough first party gems, indie gems and 3rd party juggernauts to keep us all entertained and game prices aren't extortionate (though not comparable to PC). I love my Xbone, the back compat is awesome, but time and time again I find myself opting for PS4 versions of 3rd party games. Whilst Xbone S is indeed driving sales and apparently forging a comeback against the PS4 I think this is misleading, the Xbone was tracking at roughly 50% units sold vs PS4, so already had a huge gap to catch up on. Further to this, the Xbone S figures are not substantially higher than those of the PS4, and think about the context, a lot of Xbone S sales will be coming from die hard Xbox fans trading in their OG Xbones, and many are second consoles to pre-existing PS4 owners. Added to that, PS4 sales figures are somewhat misleading as they do not include PSVR sales. Given that the PSVR is roughly the same price as a console (though different production costs no doubt), and even more factoring in peripherals, I can only conclude that Sony is still pacing ahead of Microsoft. Sales figures for PSVR are very healthy based on all indications (2.5 million units by end of 2016) and will be the must have gift for any PS4 owner this Xmas (2016). I think the whole gaming community owes Sony a BIG round of applause for making mass affordable VR a reality – ok it's not perfect – but it's more than good enough and I am so grateful to have the opportunity to enjoy it from the comfort of my couch. What frustrates me about Xbox is that I love the feel of my Xbone, but the game store is way overpriced, and rarely do the discounts come anywhere close to those available on the PSN store. Equally, there just aren't enough first party Xbone games, and those that are released are just shiny franchise extensions. The aspect I love most about my Xbone is the backwards compatibility, but this in itself is bittersweet, as it gives me little opportunity to throw Microsoft any money, as I am simply burrowing into my existing mine of games. With regards to the PS4 pro, I actually don't think it is a guaranteed successor to the PS4, rather I think it is a market test – Sony, and games producers will monitor sales figures, and based on results invest in/ release upgraded games content. Sony revenues are dependent on it selling games to the existing base of 40 million + PS4 owners, it financially cannot exclude them by predominantly churning out Pro optimised games. I don't think the pro will shift vast units (maybe 15-20 million max) but it is clearly setting expectations for gamers to invest in upgraded televisions in time for the PS5, the big question is whether Scorpio will beat it to the punch (as happened with the Xbox 360)…

  23. Another great Prediction video Adam, keep it up, I agree with your perspective regarding the Ps4 and look forward to your Nintendo and Xbox prediction vids, Cheers!

  24. I gave you a thumbs down 'cause you you didn't have a stack of PS4 games next to your console. And that I'm poor and I think you care a lot less about me the your having more brethren. Why I'm I wrong?

  25. Bro, worldwide Xbox will never catch up this generation, so make sure u mention that next time n don't mislead people, Xbox has outsold it only in America

    PS4- 40+ million
    Xbox one – 20+ million

  26. you sound like a real Playstation fan boy knock it off Sony is not fucking with xbox period there are 3 ps4s that are out that's stupid

  27. Nice that you understand. People will not admit it but the ps4 pro is the ps5 in disguise and at some point the games will only come to ps4 pro.

  28. Not sure what happened to me. This 'Once hardcore gamer' is now filling his hard disk up with swimsuit updates for Dead Or Alive Xtreme 3…and worse, I'm afraid all that swimsuit collection will be lost when I need to transfer to a PS PRO. I used to play Fallout and GTA, but I can't stay away from DOAX3.

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