My Xbox Has Stopped Working – How Can I Fix My 360?

In this article you are going to learn the three different ways I explored to try and fix my 360 console, as well as what method was the most effective, as well as what was not as good. By reading my experiences with fixing a broken Xbox 360, you will better understand the ins and outs of the Xbox repair process, as well as how to get your console fixed as quickly, cheaply and easily as possible. This is regardless of what error is affecting your Xbox 360, such as the red ring of death, the e74 or e75 error, hard drive or disc drive malfunctions, or anything else.

The first method I tried to fix my 360 was paying someone else to carry out the repair process for me. First of all, the benefits of doing this were quite obvious- I would not have to do any hard work myself, and I would get my console fixed and returned reasonably quickly.

However, upon further investigation, a few issues thatose put me off paying someone else to fix my Xbox 360. Firstly, it was going to cost me around $ 80 for the repair work, which is quite a lot of money. Secondly, I could not help but think that if I did pay the $ 80 and have the red ring of death error on my Xbox fixed, there would be no guarantee that the same problem would not develop once again.

Therefore, I decided against that, and instead moved to a more common way of repairing Xbox 360 errors-getting Microsoft to do the job. The benefit of doing this is that it is completely free (except your warranty has expired in which case you will have to pay) Also, because Microsoft designed and developed the Xbox 360, it is pretty safe to assume that they know how to properly fix it.

So why did I not choose this method to fix my 360? One thing that put me off was the fact that I would have to wait around two weeks to get my console returned. Being an avid gamer, that would be just like torture. Also, there are horror stories of gamers having their Xbox 360 lost or damaged when they are actually meant to be fixed. For these two reasons, I chose not to fix my Xbox by having Microsoft carry out the repairs.

What I actually did was fix my Xbox 360 myself. Although this may sound difficult, it actually is not that difficult to do. The cost was less than half of having someone else fix my console for me, and the work was done in under one hour, so I was gaming once again in next to no time. All I needed were video instruction files to guide me step-by-step through what would have otherwise been quite a difficult process.

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