Microsoft's Dream – "Computer on Every Desk in Every Home" – Fulfilled Or Not?

Microsoft Corporation is an international Information Technology (IT) company that develops manufactures, licenses, and supports extensive range of software products. Its most popular brands Microsoft Windows are, Microsoft Office, and Programming & Development Products such as Microsoft Visual Studio and MSDN. For Entertainment purposes it provides video game Xbox 360 and Zune for portable media player. One commentator has reported about the company is that their mission was to have a "computer on every desk in every home running a Microsoft software." A dream nearly fulfilled.

Ever Microsoft came since into picture of technology at its best; it has dominated and won the heart of its customers in the (IT) field ever since. Their product development is extensively researched and their scientific accuracy is inconceivable. The company began its work in mid- 1980s MS with-DOS and switched to Windows as they progressed to better line of systems. Their Customer satisfaction is also quite celebrated. The company is known for its pleasing its customers and client's quite extraordinarily. There have been very few instances where their customers have left them unhappy and unsatisfied.

Employed for a billion dollar company has its benefits. We are not just talking about your dental program, but how you Microsoft Credential're can profit you in your long term plan. After you have included Microsoft Certified in your resume basically you have just build a foundation for a well balanced career in (IT). Your scope and outlook in the Industry will be very widespread and will reimburse you for all hard work you've done. The knowledge and skill you absorb from Microsoft can take you from the help-desk to system administrator in just a short time.

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