Microsoft Word – How Good Is It?

Microsoft Word is the most premier word-processing software available. It is a part of Microsoft Office, an office suite of applications. Microsoft Word is a powerful tool that creates professional looking documents. It is able to create complex layouts for brochures or newsletters that print great to your desktop printer but it is not a true desktop publishing program. Microsoft Word is currently the most common word processor on the market. Many times, it is used to create a file that will eventually exist in another format.


You can also create web documents using Word. There is a tools menu that will check spelling and grammar in the active document for possible spelling, grammar, and writing style errors, and displays suggestions for correcting them. It can be used for complex documents normally designed in a dedicated page layout program. This easy-to-use software, allows business people to compose their thoughts in a fairly decent looking documents, complete with formatting and pictures. When Word is opened, a new blank document should automatically open. If not, then you can begin a new blank document in another way. First, find the “New Blank Document” icon, which looks like a blank sheet of paper, located underneath the menu bar in word in the standard toolbar. ” Click on the icon to bring up a new blank document. To begin typing, just click the cursor anywhere within the new blank document.


The toolbars in Microsoft Word provide easy access to the user. To create a document based on one of the templates provided, select which one you would like to create and select OK. There are other services that will work with your Microsoft Word files, but in most cases Word documents are most suited to desktop printing or photo copying, and not for full-color or high-volume commercial printing. You can use the original Word file or save a Word document as a PDF or HTML file. If you export the Word document to another format, ensure it is accessible as well. There is only a very small number of programs that can save Word documents as properly tagged PDF files. If you use another program to save a Word document as a PDF file, do not be surprised if the exported PDF is not accessible to screen reader users. A document with complex tables or forms will probably need to have the tagging process completed in Acrobat. It is possible to convert a Word document into a properly tagged PDF if you can verify the following. The Word document has been appropriately tagged.

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