Microsoft Word 2003 – Create Wonderful Borders and Stationery in No Time

Microsoft Word 2003 has this great and foolproof functionality to create borders and shades with which you can whip up your own stationeries and fliers in no time.

For example, let’s say you have an import-export business and you’d like to create a stationery that visually signals a world-wide involvement.

1) Create a blank new document (File > New > Blank Document).

2) Select Format > Borders and Shading… from the main menu. (Word menu options that display a dialog box are always followed by an ellipsis — three dots).

3) In the PREVIEW box on the right, click the left top button, displaying a selected TOP BORDER.

4) From the ART drop-down list at the bottom center, select the WORLD GLOBE clip art.

5) To make each individual shape smaller or larger, use the WIDTH field.

6) To have a FRAME all around your stationery made up of the same clip art, select BOX option from the SETTING list on the left.

7) Under the top border, type in your business name, contact info, and all the other relevant information.

8) To add a background color to your text, use the SHADING tab.

9) Save your document as a Document Template (.dot) and you are done.

Try all the other options in the ART drop-down list. I especially like the STARS and other GEOMETRIC borders further down the list. They make an eye-catching graphic addition to your document that will never fail to grab interest.

Borders and Shading is great to create garage sale flyers and small business brochures too. Try and find out for your self all the endless ways in which this functionality can help you design your own marketing materials.

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