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Microsoft is updating the very beneficial desktop software package which adds extra features for people to work simultaneously on documents organize with their e-mails and edit videos and photos to make changes.

Microsoft Office is the most popular software package worldwide for making presentations, spreadsheets and other documents, and its dominance is in no instant danger. But the company is trying to defend against a long-developing trend in which software is moving from the desktop to the Web. Google Inc. has been pushing its own free, Web-based programs for more than two years, though it has yet to gain much traction with corporations.

With Office 2010, Microsoft must decide how much software it can give away online without discouragement its profitable desktop software business. If it doesn’t make the right computation, the software maker could find itself in the same position as newspapers that gave online content away and now are tense to replace print profits.

The Office 2010 Web programs will be Microsoft’s first real attempt at an online office package. The office 2007 lacked tools for creating and editing files. Microsoft says the Web versions’ “technical preview” will be ready in August and Microsoft will provide the web version of office 2010 free to customer. Microsoft will let companies with long-term Office licensing agreements install the online programs on their servers for no extra charge. It will launch in five versions, two for big corporation and three will be available for consumers and small business.

Let’s have a look at expert’s opinion.

Microsoft is expanding its horizons with its latest exposed of office 2010 software suite. The newly reveal office 2010 will be available in two separate version, one for traditional PC based edition and second for completely web-based version. Both products are expected to be released in the first half of 2010.

The Web-based version of Office 2010 will include only Word, PowerPoint, Excel, and OneNote. The functionality in the programs will also be limited but it will give you full browser-based viewing and “lightweight” editing of any Word, PowerPoint, Excel, and OneNote files. The apps will allow for multiple people to edit the same files concurrently.

Personal consumers will be able to access the Office 2010 Web apps free of charge using a Windows Live ID. Microsoft will provide free windows live skydrive account where you can sign up and take advantage of saving files online.

Microsoft Word 2010 include a new Paste Preview option that allows you to preview the formatting of content before inserting it into your document; improved options for customizing text with effects and various styles; and the ability to insert screenshots into a document without exiting the Word program. You can also more easily edit images with an improved photo editing tool.

Microsoft Outlook 2010 includes a Gmail-esque “Conversation View” with the help of this feature you can group connected e-mails into single conservation entries; the ability to create macro-style shortcuts to simplify common tasks; direct access to your contacts list from your inbox; and the addition of on-demand translation tools.

Microsoft Excel 2010 adds something called “Sparklines,” described as “tiny charts that fit within a cell and give a visual trend summary beside text data.” It also enhanced table handling, better charting presentation, and more advanced methods for manipulating data.

Microsoft PowerPoint 2010 are considered to video with the help of PowerPoint you can import videos from different formats and make changes and for the first time, you can export your entire slideshow as a Windows Media file. PowerPoint 2010 also features an improved collection of slide transitions, including some three-dimensional options.

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