Microsoft Office 2010 – Increase Productivity

The new Microsoft Office 2010 software integrates the workplace into any browser supporting device which means that users have the flexibility to work across their PC, Laptop and Smartphone from their office, home and even on the go.

Microsoft Asia-Pacific marketing Vice President Ken Wye Saw said. “As a result, companies can save, innovate and grow. This is what we mean when we say that Office 2010 [and SharePoint 2010] are defining the future of productivity.” Through Office 2010, companies should be able to maximise their time and increase their productivity at work with the help of new or improved features that help individuals and businesses to:

  • Save travel costs by equipping your staff with better communication tools.

  – Office 2010 allows document sharing within its programs without the need to switch between applications, meaning that virtual meetings are an effective alternative to traditional office work meetings.

  • Beat deadlines by working more effectively as a team.

  – Co- authoring allows more than one person to work on a document at any one time, and each individual can see who is working on what sections.

  • Use Office virtually anywhere and on virtually any device.

  – Documents appear exactly as you created them, regardless of what device you are using to view them.

  • Gain control over their e-mail and calendar.

  – Outlook 2010 provides conversation management tools that allow for organization and quick access to relevant information when needed.

  • Make informed business decisions the second they need to be made.

  – Excel 2010 provides tools for improved data visualization, so you can gain key insights quickly, and easily turn the numbers into a story to share with others.

  • Create sophisticated marketing materials in-house to get their business noticed.

  – With PowerPoint 2010, companies are able to produce quality presentations without the assistance of third party media tools, therefore cutting costs.

  • Enable employees to work offline and keep their business moving forward.

  – SharePoint Workspace 2010 allows everyone to take content from SharePoint sites offline and work with that content from their desktop, without reliance on an Internet connection.

Microsoft has created a suite that seamlessly combines efficiency and ease to achieve  maximum productivity. Companies can feel assured that with the new Office suite, their employees are working with a product that best enables them to do their jobs effectively.

 In addition to the release of this powerful new suite, Microsoft has also launched its Office Web Applications which allow you to use Outlook, Excel, Word, PowerPoint and OneNote online. These online counterparts are basic versions of the original Office 2010 suite applications but still present a flexible cloud-computing solution. This new release of both online and offline versions is providing customers with choice and flexibility when it comes to purchasing and deploying solutions. With its multitude of capabilities and its convenient flexibility, it is little wonder that the new Microsoft Office 2010 is generating so much interest.

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