Microsoft Help and Support

“Microsoft Help and Support” is a technical support portal that is provided by Microsoft in order to help and support the Microsoft products across the world. This portal provides the knowledge base articles to every kind of issues related to the Microsoft products. The web url of the portal is “”. Microsoft Help and Support is one of the most prominent technical support portals. Customers can also directly contact the Microsoft through this portal.

“Microsoft Help and Support” have number of product options available in order to select a relevant category of the issues for example:-

1. Windows XP
2. Windows Vista
3. Internet Explorer 7
4. E-Mail
5. Outlook
6. Word
7. Excel
8. Windows Media Player
9. Servers
10. Developer Tools
11. Hardware
12. Xbox and PC Games
13. Audio and Video
14. Design Tools, Photos and Publishing
15. Reference and Educational
16. Personal or Home Finances
17. Security
18. Business Solutions
19. MSN

By seeing all the above different categories of the issues, we can conclude that “Microsoft Help and Support” provides a support to the large range of the Microsoft products , this portal also includes pc optimization tips , It has also the sub-categories to all these issues categories, which mainly includes the following:-

1. Top issues: – It mainly includes all the top issues related the products.
2. Error messages: – It mainly includes all the top error messages that come usually.
3. Download and Updates: – It provides the download and updates links for the Microsoft products.
4. Installation and Setup: – It provides the installation and setup steps.
5. Security and Privacy: – It provides the security and privacy tips in order to make avoid the threats.
6. Search: – This option provides the tutorial to narrow your search criteria.
7. Troubleshooting: – It provides troubleshooting in order to resolve an issue.
8. Contacts: – It provides an option to share information, ask questions and exchange the idea with others in that particular product groups.

“Microsoft Help and Support center” also provide the different support options that are the following:-

1. Download and Updates: This option provides the all the important Microsoft product updates and downloads.
2. Microsoft Services: This option provides support services
3. Contact Microsoft: This option provide the useful link to contact the Microsoft.
4. Self and Support: This option provides the product solution centers and Microsoft Technical Communities.

By all the above discussion, We came to the conclusion that Microsoft have an implacable help and support center and which have all the essential options in order to help the customers and make their life easy by handling  the Microsoft products issues efficiently and effectively. That is one of the main reason behind popularity of “Microsoft Help and Support “on the large scale across worldwide.

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