Learn How To Become A Microsoft Game Tester

Are you looking for a Microsoft game tester job? I will show how you can become a Microsoft game tester within this article. Microsoft is a well-known enterprise that also develops video games for multi-platform such as personal computer, Xbox, and Xbox360. Because contracted with many game developing companies, it releases a lot of new games monthly. In order the test these new games, Microsoft is currently looking for beta game tester and provide them with high pay rate.

First of all, let’s see what is required of a Microsoft game tester.

1. Naturally as a microsoft game tester, you will receive the unfinished version of an unreleased video game through the mail. Now, your duty will be to play the game, inspect it and check for glitches, and any other problems that may arise.

2. You will then need to provide what is called ‘bug reports’. This is where some testers fail. ‘Bug reports’ should be concise and of value to those who have written the program. To submit a ‘bug report’ such as ‘it didn’t work’ offers very little value. Be concise with your report so that the game developer folks can duplicate the problem and try and fix it before the final release.

3. Be an active tester. A video game tester has to have an aptitude to playing games. Game testers jobs may require you to work on many repetitive tasks such as playing the same level of the game numerous times, switching the gaming device on and off over and over. When close to the release date of the game, you may be requested to work extended hours to ensure any and all potential problems with the video game have been identified.

Secondly, where to find Microsoft game tester job?

Microsoft offers a good number of game tester jobs every month. But normally it does not listed the open vacancy on their website on to avoid unnecessary chaos. Then where to find job opportunities as a Microsoft video game tester?

Go to Gamer Testing Ground! Gamer Testing Ground is a membership based program which offer a list of hundred of major gaming companies looking to hire amateur gamers, including Microsoft, Sony, Nintendo and so on. The information available within Gamer Testing Ground is created by professional game testers and game programmers working for these gaming companies, who intend to provide the opportunity to other amateur gamers.

Last, begin your game tester career with an eye-catching resume!

In order to get your first game test job for Microsoft, you need to get gaming companies attention with your unique resume. How to write an outstanding resume, Check it at Gamer Testing Ground!

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