Is There Really An Alternative To MS Office?: ASI Ability Software

The world of computers, word processing, presentations and client management may have you believing that there is only one option as far as home and business software packages are concerned – that being the much-hyped MS Office – but don’t believe everything that you hear. There is a better, equally-as-effective solution!

Savvy small and medium sized company owners around the world have discovered the secret truth – there is an MS Office alternative that’s just as efficient but costs much, much less. That alternative is Ability Office software, recognized by reputable industry leaders as a viable option for those entrepreneurs and business professionals who yearn for state-of-the-art programs that don’t cost a bundle.

In fact, in a review from July 2008, Computeractive raved that Ability Office software is “good office software that gives Microsoft a run for its money! 5 out of 5!”

With such accolades, it’s tough not to raise eyebrows among the international business community, which is exactly why Ability Office software has been systematically winning customers around the globe.

However, it’s understandable that some consumers may be reluctant to update their systems to a non-MS Office alternative; after all, since the dawn of time (or at least the dawn of the computer age), MS has been seen as the king of software. Yet times have changed… and with change has come the realization that Ability Office software is just as powerful as the more expensive MS Office suites.

Not only is Ability Office software cheaper than MS Office, but it’s fully compatible with all current and former MS programs, whether for business or the home. This compatibility enables Ability Office software users to integrate both their old and new systems effortlessly. In addition, Ability Office software comes with complete support and a guarantee. So there’s no reason not to at least investigate this alternative to MS Office.

Already have a plethora of documents formatted through your MS programs? Not to worry – Ability Office software can read any MS-based document, spreadsheet, graphics and other file types. This allows for convenience and security; additionally, you won’t have to spend any of your (or your staff’s) valuable time converting older files into a different format.

Not using MS currently? If you already are using a competitor’s brand, you’ll be pleased to know that Ability Office software is also regarded as better than even Open Office software. Consequently, you’ll still be saving money when you purchase Ability Office software plus you’ll get the extra benefit of knowing that Ability Office software is neck-and-neck with MS Office.

So… are you ready to throw your outdated MS software overboard and embrace the newest technology available? Give Ability Office software a try today and you’ll realize what your biggest and smartest competitors already know – Ability Office software is the next generation of cost-effective, easy-to-use programs. You’ll wonder why you held on to your MS package for so long.For more information, visit www(dot)asiability(dot)us

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