How to Repair Microsoft Word

PC users often encounter errors that require the repair of Microsoft Word, such as startup problems, formatting errors, file problems, and the like.  If the program is unusable, the repair of Microsoft Word becomes imperative.  Follow these suggestions to deduce the cause of the problem and ultimately repair it.

Determine Where the Problem with the Microsoft Word Files

There are two major sources of errors in Microsoft Word.  The first areas that can cause problems are the templates and “macro” settings within the program.  These are a user’s preferences, templates for blank documents, and so on.  In order to determine if the issue is related to these files, run Word in “safe mode,” which turns off these extra settings.

1.    Close Word, if open.  Go to the Start menu and choose “run.”

2.    Enter “winword.exe /a” in the field (the space before the “/a” is important).

3.    Click on “OK.”

If Microsoft Word starts up normally and functions properly in this mode, then the problem can be fixed by searching for and deleting the “” file (or files) on the computer.  When Word is opened again, it will search for this file and create a new one when it fails to locate the original.

If Word does not run normally in this mode, the program will have to be reinstalled.  Make backups of documents and settings before doing this.  Make sure to uninstall the program first to minimize the chance of the same errors recurring.

Help for Persistent Microsoft Errors

Occasionally, an error will persist in Word even after has been deleted or after reinstalling the program.  This indicates a problem in the Windows registry entry for Word.  Fixing this error will involve editing the registry, which can be difficult since changing the wrong file could damage other programs or the entire computer.

The registry contains information pertaining to the settings for the computer and for various programs.  Every time programs are installed, deleted, or upgraded, new entries are made in the registry; simply turning the computer on or off enters data into the registry.

All of these occasions to change the registry result in this area of the PC becoming cluttered and files being corrupted.  Programs that need data from the registry have trouble accessing it, and the user sees an error.

The Safe Way to Repair Word
To find detailed instructions on editing the registry entry for Word, do a search online.  The safest way to edit the registry is to run a registry cleaner, which will find existing errors and repair Microsoft Word without harming other programs or the computer.

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