How to Fix Microsoft Word Problems

Needing to fix Microsoft Word problems can be a frustrating experience if the cause of the error is unknown.  Common issues can include anything from not being able to start the program at all to document formatting issues, and will leave the user desperately trying to fix these Microsoft Word problems in order to make a deadline.  Here are a few tips for getting Word running normally again.

Another Microsoft Word Problem, and It Even Won’t Start Now

This situation may seem like the most desperate, but it may be the easiest to fix.  If Microsoft Word does not start at all or freezes at the outset, it may be that it’s “” file has been corrupted.

  • Close Word
  • In the computer’s Start menu, choose “Run”
  • Type “winword.exe /a” into the field
  • If this allows the program to run normally, then most likely the file was the source of the program.
  • Searching for and deleting any files on the computer with this name will force Word to recreate a blank file.
  • Any settings previously configured by the user will have to be reconfigured.

Word Crashes When Asked to Print

Experiencing a computer freeze or program crash when hitting print, changing text to italics, or some other simple function may mean that the Data Key in the computer’s Windows registry needs to be edited.  This is a tricky and delicate business, since one wrong move may corrupt another registry entry and prevent another program or possibly the whole computer from functioning.

  • Once again, with Word closed
  • Go to “Start”
  • Choose “Run” from the menu
  • Type “regedit” into the box and hit OK.
  • The left side of the window will contain folders — click through them until “HKEY_CURRENT_USERSoftwareMicrosoftOffice##.##WordData” is reached (the ##’s will be the version number pertaining to which Microsoft Word is being used.
  • Click on the “Data” folder
  • Select “edit,”
  • Rename or delete the file.
  • Once again, this will force Word to create a new Data Key, although any special settings will need to be redone.

Microsoft Word Problems are Registry Problems

If the thought of editing something that may break the computer is too much, an alternative is to run a registry cleaning software.  Most Word problems are caused by corrupted registry entries, data related to older versions of Word remaining in the registry, missing registry files, and the like.  A registry cleaning software will fix Microsoft Word problems (and other program errors) quickly and safely.

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