Fix the Xbox 360 E74 Error Manually at Your Home

One of the major errors that occur frequently on the Xbox 360 is the e74 error. Even Microsoft themselves have admitted that one third of the sold consoles are subjected to meet the dreaded e74 error.

The reason behind e74 error is, first time Microsoft had put their efforts in designing hardware of gaming console. They decreased the size of the GPU (Graphic Processing Unit) and the CPU (Central Processing Unit) in order to accommodate in the console. The decreased size of the compact case, although gave the console the fancy and stylish looks, but it proved a hardware flaw.

This caused deficient cooling system and the console gets easily overheated, if played continually for a long period of time. The outcome that you find is the dreaded Xbox e74 error and your console starts malfunctioning. To avoid this, take breaks from time to time so that the console may get the chance to cool down and your Xbox 360 may not have any of the errors, particularly the Xbox 360 e74 error.

Still your favorite Xbox 360 is showing the error, better send it to the Microsoft service center for the repair. They will repair your console for free of charge, but the condition is your console should be within warranty period.

If the warranty of your console is expired, then fixing the Xbox 360 e74 error manually is the best solution to overcome the problem. The reason is Microsoft will charge you for the repair $140. Moreover, you have to bear the shipping charge to get back your console repaired. Furthermore, you have to wait for almost a month until the repairing and sending process is completed. This seems expensive and tedious as well.

That is why fix the Xbox 360 error at your home is the best option left for you. What you need is to refer a DIY (Do It Yourself) professional guide. The step-by-step easy to follow instructions will make your repair easy and you can fix the error within 2 hours. This is the most worthwhile thing, since it not only saves your money, but also saves your valuable time.

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