E71 Error Cause and Repair Tips Fast & Easy

One of the most confusing errors in Xbox 360 gaming experience is E71. It is positively not caused by graphics card errors as in E74 error or "red ring of death" problems. Therefore it is much harder to explain and understand.

While most Xbox 360 problems are caused by either overheating inside the motherboard and the case, or graphics card, video scaler chip or hard disc drive problems, E71 error is quite different. And the most frustrating part about it, no one ever finds the actual cause nor the solution to it.

However, most people believe that E71 error is caused by the dashboard and console software updates. Many gamers reporting on this one claimed that they got the error code right after they had updated the dashboard or console software. A most enlightening evidence about this possibility was recorded during the Fall 2006 update; Many Xbox 360 gamers experienced the same problem at the reliably same time.
The second potential cause of E71 error is the firmware flash or hack. This action is commonly known as one trick that allows you to play game without having the original game disc in the console. It is usually called "playing with a back up disc". However, this may actually cause E71 error.

Of course, there are many other possibilities-which, unfortunately, we have not discarded yet. And more unfortunately, Microsoft has not confirmed anything about it either.
Try these steps if you want to try repairing it yourself:

1. Reset your Xbox 360 completely. Enter the dashboard, scroll to the farthest right column. Then press the "Initial Setup" and follow the later on-screen instructions.

2. Can not access the screen? Restart your Xbox 360 while pressing and holding down the "Y" button. It may sometimes restore all settings back to the factory default.

Sadly to say, these two steps is not 100% guaranteed. Some gamers complained that they still experienced the same problem after taking them.

If you are one of them, try to learn more through the Xbox 360 repair guide available online. Or, as the last-but-really-not-recommended resort, send back your console to Microsoft. It is going to cost you $ 200, and they are going to need more than 8 weeks to fix it.

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