All About Gaming Computers

The terms gaming PC and gaming computers refer to computers especially built for playing personal computer games on them and they are built to support the newest versions of these games at a higher resolution then a normal computer. They usually have extravagant cases, high-end components and they are water cooled instead of fan cooled. They usually operate on Microsoft Windows systems.

Even though games will run on ordinary home computers these gaming computers will process the instructions necessary for 3D graphics acceleration processing, physics modeling, unified pixel shading technology, dynamic geometry rendering and enhanced sound processing and effects engine. They also include a serial of available external connections for accessories such as headphones, USB devices and firewire connection points. Evan though gaming computers can be easily bought from stores exactly like common computers they are usually built by their owners for use in single player or online games. The owners build them to gain the best possible performance for their goal is to out-perform their opponents computers and high scores, or winning the online contest or even for the best image and sound effects possible in their games.

These personal gaming computers started appearing in the 90’s along with the introduction of games such as Doom by id Softwares. These kind of games pushed computer building to the limit and made game enthusiasts go over their limits to build and and enhance their computers’ forces to support the online contests and therefore to be able to win online contests. The highest performance hard drive enabled to run Doom at the best possible performance (frames per second).

Since the introduction of Doom on the computer games market each generation pushes the limits of the abilities of a computer. Game developers encode their software to impress over the next year or two in which time they are working for developing a new and more complicated software for the next generation. This is why the developers equip their games that you can find in retail stores with two sets of required hardware listed on the package: „minimum hardware requirements” and „suggested hardware requirements”. The minimum requirements are for the oldest and lowest performing hardwares which supported the game during the testing made by the producers and the suggested hardware is the one on which the producer wants the game to be played on so that the player is satisfied for sure with the experience of that game. Games will generally run faster, look better and make a better impression if the hardware performance is higher.

In the 90’s games started being very complex from the graphical point of view with games such as Quake and Tomb Raider, which used hardware accelerated graphics. These factors gave birth to the idea of building your own PC especially made for gaming. The power of gaming PC’s CPU have always been the main priority. In the mid 90’s companies as Voodoo PC, Falcon Northwest and Alienware started promoting and focusing the computers entirely on gaming and high-end PC’s were launched on the market. In 1998 AMD incorporated the 3D now! Instruction to their hard drive CPU and every other model afterwards. This helped playing games like The 7th Guest and Myst which also helped cd-roms and sound cards become very popular on the computer parts market.

This is a brief history of gaming computers and the reasons why the players build them at home.

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