What Kind Of Processor Do You Need For A Laptop?

When you’re shopping for a new laptop you need to know exactly what your needs are in terms of performance so you don’t wind up choosing the wrong one. In this article we will discuss what kind of memory and what kind of processor you should look for in your new laptops.

The Processor is the CPU which is essentially the “brain” of your computer. The brain of your laptop is responsible for the speed at which your computer runs.  When you choose a processor you need to make sure you focus on speed because that is the most important factor.  

The two main manufacturers of processors are AMD and Intel.  The processors you can get from Intel are the Atom, Pentium, Celeron (these are the low end processors), the Core 2 (mid-range), and the Core i7 (high-end).   The processors you can get from AMD are the Neo,Sempron, Athlon, Turion (low-end processors), the Phenom, and the Phenom 2 (high-end).  

You want to look for processors with multiple cores.  Multiple cores can process much more data simultaneously.  The name of the processor usually describes what kind it is (such as the Core 2 Duo which has two and the Core 2 Quad which has 4).  But be careful because this is not always the rule.  The Core i7 only has four cores.

The clock speed of a processor determines how quickly it can process information.  The speed is measured in gigahertz (GHz).  The higher the GHz the faster the computer runs.  GHz typically ranges from 2 to 3.

You want to be aware of the power consumption when you choose a processor.  The less power that your processor consumes the longer your battery will go without needing to be charged.

So when you go to buy your laptop make sure that you purchase one with a processor that’s fast enough to handle the tasks you need it to handl.  Try to avoid any laptops with the low-end processors such as the Neo or Sempron from AMD or the Celeron or Atom from Intel.  If you’re just looking for a laptop to handle basic needs like web browsing and word processing then you can try the lower end dual-core processors like the Pentium Dual-Core and AMD Turion X2.  If you are a gamer or have powerful software that you’re going to be using you’ll want to go with a much more powerful processor such as the Intel Core i7. Middle of the road processors like the Intel Core 2 Duo or the AMD Phenom 2 are good for users who are interested in media (video, music, photos), web browsing, and word processing.

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