What Can the Core I7 Do for You? Part 2

Hey guys, Icarus here again giving you further analysis of the Core i7!

Well, I’m going to start this article off by telling you two things that’ll matter to you most: use of your computer, and your budget. Depending on these two things, the value of the Core i7 will vary.

So, I will talk about three levels of budgets for everyone: high-end, middle, and low-end. High end is generally anything above 2000 dollars, middle budget between 1000 and 2000 dollars, and the low-end is… well, you can do the math. Generally, there’re a lot of people in the low-end and middle budget level, and a few people in the high-end budget. For those of you in the high-end… I am jealous. Very.

Now, onto the uses. When I said “uses”, I meant things like Internet surfing, gaming, watching videos, using Photoshop; those kinds of things. Now, if you’re going to just use your custom computer for Internet surfing and light gaming… well, you obviously won’t need a Core i7. I mean, a Core 2 series processor can handle that for ease. Now, if you’re going to multitask like crazy, gaming, Photoshop, many windows open and operating all at once… then you might want to consider the Core i7.

Now, personally, I wouldn’t suggest the Core i7 processors for low-end budget users, even the lowest processor, the 920, simply because of the price right now; because the 920 and the other Core i7 processors are relatively new in the market, they are still expensive; and on top of that, the motherboard costs around 200 dollars. That’s almost 500 dollars alone in just the motherboard and the Core i7 processor! If you’re going to spend that much money on just the two components, you might as well bump your budget up and invest in other high quality parts such as good graphics cards, long-lasting and efficient power supply, and some good memory.

Now, how will the Core i7 effect you, the consumers, in the future? Well, when new Core i7 processors come out, no doubt will Intel drop prices on some of the older ones like the 920 and 940. What would I do? Personally, I’d wait until the prices drop down; these processors are still new and expensive, and if I wanted to step up to a Core i7, I’d have to buy a brand-new motherboard too. So I’m just going to sit tight and wait. Patience is the key!

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