Reasons Why Acer Aspire One N270 is Best Laptops Deals

Acer Aspire One N270 weight just over 2 pounds and is packed with a 160 GB hard drive and Windows XP operating system. It has a vibrant 8.9 inch CrystalBrite and include 1 GB it can be upgraded up-to 1.5GB, 54g Wi-Fi networking (802.11b/g), multi-format memory card reader, multiple USB ports.It comes preinstalled with the Microsoft Windows XP Home operating system and has a WSVGA resolution 1024 x 600 dpi. and support for up a 262K color depth.

Acer Aspire One 1.6 GHz Atom N270 processor also includes a power-optimized front side bus of 533 MHz for faster data transfer on demanding mobile applications and a 512 KB L2 cache, the bus is the main processor for data in a laptop. The standard memory of RAM is 1GB and it can be upgraded up-to 1.5GB. Hard Disk Drive’s capacity is up-to160 GB hard disk drive 5400 RPM, which offers enough to room to hold a digital audio library of over 26,000 songs and still have room left over for movies, games, and a large collection of software, serial ATA (SATA) hard drive also quickens the pace with a higher speed transfer of data. Because of its size does not come with an integrated optical drive, but optional CD/DVD read/write drives can be connected to the laptop via one of the three USB ports.


The screen size of the Acer Aspire One N270 is of 8.9 inch with the maximum display resolution of 1024 x 600 and support color depth 262k. CrystalBrite display technology it an added attraction and has an Integrated Video by the Intel Graphics Media Accelerator 950 which has a shared memory with the main memory.Able to read color coordinates more accurately. The Acer Aspire One N270 includes an integrated audio card with Microsoft DirectSound compatibility and includes two stereo speakers.Also the Acer Aspire One N270 has an integrated 54g Wi-Fi which is 802.11b/g.


The Acer Aspire One N270 prices about $349 – $399. about $349.99 at amazon, about $349.99 – $379.99 at Tigerdirect, about $349.99 at Bestbuy and about $349.99 at Office Depot.

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