Overall Value Of Intel’S X58 Motherboard

Some of the new features of the Intel X58 motherboard include Triple-channel memory, the addition of the LGA 1366 platform for the new Core i7 Nehalem processors, and Intel’s QPI(QuickPath Interconnect) system. All of these new features add flare to this new motherboard, and it also makes it a fantastic investment if you have the money.

However, this motherboard is not for everyone. There are three factors for this:

1. Money

2. Needs

3. The Future

I’m going to start off by talking about money. Now, just the motherboard and processor costs a minimum of 500 dollars(that’s if you get the cheapest X58 motherboard and the 920, the lowest Core i7 processor). Now, that’s just two components, meaning that if you have a low budget(anywhere under 1000 dollars), you’ve already spent half or more than half of your budget. And that’s just the beginning; you also need some memory(which is still somewhat expensive), and that takes you up to 600 dollars. Now, most people are in the low-budget and mid-budget range, and spending 600 dollars on just three components of their new computer is somewhat ridiculous. Now, if you’re one of the people in the high-budget range… go ahead, buy the combination. You will all watch us drool as we watch you put the computer together and watch how quickly and efficiently the computer carries out your wishes and commands.

Now, the second factor is needs.  Right now, the X58 motherboard in combination with the Core i7 and triple-channel enabled memory will absolutely rip apart any competition it has in its way. Now, if you’re out for the best of the best and you have no concern about money, then that’s no problem. However, we also have to think about over-performance. Over-performance is basically where your computer is too good for whatever you throw at it(programs, multitasking, etc.), having more power than you need. Now, if you’re going to play some games and do some Internet-surfing, then you would obviously not need the combination; the processor itself can handle up to 8 threads, and you’ll probably just use one, two threads max. Now, if you’re constantly video-editing, Photoshop-ing, high-quality gaming, and many things at once, then you may want to invest in this combination.

Now, the future. When I talk about “future” I mean in terms of what Intel will be releasing, and when Intel releases new things. I also include things like price and performance. How much longer until Intel releases a new, better processor and motherboard(reformed version)? How much will this new technology cost? Will it fit in your budget? How will these new releases perform compared to the current Core i7 Nehalem processors and X58 motherboards? Well, that’s in store in the future, we will not know until Intel tells us.

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