MSI IM-945GSE Motherboard – The Fanless Atom Motherboard

MSI specializes in the design and manufacture of main boards, graphics card, add-on cards, servers/workstations, iPC, barebones, communication devices, CE products, Notebooks, and car PC products. 

MSI has carefully designed this fanless industrial motherboard, offering DVI output — MSI IM-945GSE, a mini-ITX motherboard that uses atom N270 processor combined with the 945GSE chipset and ICH7M Southbridge which allow this motherboard to run fanless. The 20-pin ITX power connector is placed on the far left side of the board along with the IDE port located at the bottom left. The two SATA ports that the board is equipped with are located just above the expansion slot. At the top of the board MSI has placed the single memory slot. Since this board is industrial based, it’s aimed for POS machines that still use COM ports for connecting certain devices. 

Apart from the Mini-PCIe slot at the top left of the board, MSI has a single PCI slot for expansion. Additional features include HD audio provided by an Alcatel HD audio controller chip. Two Ethernet chips from Marvell supply the board with Dual Gigabit Ethernet compatibility. Intel has and gives you CRT and DVI ports. So if we have a TV or LCD that supports DVI, we can connect it up and this also plays well for the car PCs which are now using DVI ports to connect 7 and 10″ touch screens. In this Motherboard, Intel 945GCM chipset is the only chipset that Intel is allowing Atom to be paired up with. Thus MSI IM-945GSE motherboard is making its huge impact in the marketplace through its advanced features.

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