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 HP Pavilion DV8000 series Motherboard 417136-001

I’ve noticed more and more e-mails lately asking about laptop motherboard part number 417136-001. First off the notebook systemboard is a “System board (motherboard) without memory – De-featured (FF), featuring the Intel 945GML chipset”. It will only work with specific pavilion dv8000 computers.

*Some models compatible with this item have known issues and may require a BIOS update. Further information can be found on HP’s website by Pavilion DV8000.

417136-001 is made for the HP Pavilion dv8000 series portable notebook PC’s.


HP Pavilion dv9000 Series Motherboard 434659-001

I feel winter approaching each day as it get’s colder and colder and were suppose to get a lot of snow this year which should be extra fun. Being stuck indoors more usually ends up with me doing twice as many laptop motherboard repairs… which isn’t a bad thing.

Today a nice lady brought in her Pavilion dv9000 because she broke the AC plug jack and it was cheap enough to just replace the system board rather than get jack repaired itself. I used the same notebook motherboard as almost new one which was 434659-001.

HP’s manual says the following this part number 434659-001 “Motherboard (system board) – For Full-featured (FF) models that have an infrared port, IEEE-1394 (FireWire) standard port – Has a port replicator connector – Does not include processor”.

Also compatible with the following computers:

  • EW680AV EW680AVR EZ379AV EZ379AVR EZ452UA EZ452UAR
  • EZ453UA EZ453UAR EZ456UA EZ456UAR EZ457UA EZ457UAR
  • EZ458UA EZ459UA EZ459UAR EZ460UA EZ460UAR EZ461UA EZ461UAR
  • EZ462UA EZ462UAR EZ467UA EZ468UA EZ468UAR EZ470UA EZ470UAR          Notebook PC EW635AV PK292AS RE042PA RE042PAR RE043PA….                                
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