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Latest compute processor

Latest computer processor provides high speed processing, great performance, effortless multitasking and a dramatic increase in your productivity. Get the most out of it with a new PC. Today’s desktops and notebooks offer greater performance, quality and reliability than ever before. These computers have 2X faster performance, less waiting, sleek designs and keep you productive, entertained and informed. New technology gives you the performance you need in the design you desire. Lets take a look on Next Generation processor.

Intel® Dual-Core processor

Intel launches new computer processor that is Dual-Core processor.  Dual-core processors enable exceptional productivity enhancing features and rich multimedia experiences. There was only one execution core in normal processor but dual core processor has two complete execution cores in one physical processor so you can do more at once than ever before with dual core processor. A dual core processor consists of two separate cores, each core handles incoming data strings simultaneously to improve efficiency, and each core has its own cache. In single core or traditional processor strings of instructions must order, execute then selectively store in its cache for fast recovery. When data outside the cache is necessary, it is retrieved through the system bus from random access memory (RAM) or from storage devices. Accessing these slows down performance to the maximum speed the bus, RAM or storage device will allow, which is far slower than the speed of the CPU. The situation is compounded when multi-tasking. In this case the processor must switch back and forth between two or more sets of data streams and programs. CPU resources are useless and performance suffers.

Intel® Core™2 Duo Processor

Intel core 2 duo processor delivering faster performance, greater energy efficiency, and more responsive multitasking. The Intel® Core™2 processor reducing your energy costs by an average of 50 percent. It uses a technology (Intel’s unique 45nm technology) offer excellent performance as well as exclusive energy-saving features that reduced power consumption for your desktop PCs.
Get the best overall performance:  Intel® Core™2 Duo processor built with Intel’s unique 45nm technology that gives excellent performance with energy saving features. It has up to 6MB of shared L2 cache and up to 1333 MHz Front Side Bus.   Now enjoy 3X faster multitasking performance: Intel® Core™2 Duo processor has two independent processor cores in one physical package which gives multi-core processing for 3X faster multitasking performance. Processors run at the same frequency and share up to 6MB of L2 cache and up to 1333 MHZ Front Side Bus for truly parallel computing with over. When we give multi instructions to computer processor then it takes it one by one but in the case of Intel® Core™2 Duo processor it will take these instructions simultaneously with more instructions per clock cycle enabled by Intel® Wide Dynamic Execution which will Improve execution time and energy efficiency. Intelligent Power Capability, Smart Memory Access, Advanced Smart Cache will provide you more energy-efficient performance, optimize the use of the existing data bandwidth and efficient cache subsystem for multi and dual core processors.

Intel® Quad-Core processor

Quad-core processor is built with four separate cores. It’s like four hard working brains working in chorus or independently to perform a large task faster and more efficiently. It delivers a very intelligent result with enormous energy efficiency. Today’s computing needs high-performance which can be achieved by four execution cores of Quad-Core technology. It provides multitasking and multimedia experience with desktop, notebook and workstations. Processor speeding up to 2.83 GHz, 12 MB of L2 cache and 1333 MHz front side bus makes its performance and speed untouchable. Consisting of  four complete execution cores within a single powerful processor, Quad-core technology runs with performance-infused accuracy, allowing you to overcome those new multithreaded games, enjoy eye-catching multimedia realism and great multitasking that only comes from Quad-core

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