Is the New I7 Processor Worth the Money?

I recently encountered this dilemma of deciding whether I should upgrade my laptop. My old laptop is about two and a half years old so it’s not really old. But I was finding that applications are running slower and slower. I’m pretty good at keeping viruses and things slow my machine down off of my computer but are still finding the newer applications wanted more horsepower.

After much debate I decided to opt for the latest in hardware in a new laptop. I eventually chose the new I7 processor. I was impressed by the speed ratings that windows showing while reviewing these laptops at the store.

To be honest, I was still skeptical as the price of these laptops are double the price of mainstream home laptops. Thinking that I would be purchasing a new laptop that should last me at least two or three years I considered that the extra money spent would be well worth it in the long run.

I picked up my new laptop a couple days ago and was quite astounded at how fast it ran. The new Intel I7 processor with the latest DDR3 memory is very fast. Coupled with the multiple cores in the processor and the expanded memory on the microprocessor really helps to speed things up.

I did some speed comparisons between my old laptop and my new one and the differences were startling. I run a program that runs on Adobe air and when I do an extensive search with the program it could take up to 15 minutes to complete a search. With the new laptop, the search was normally done within about 15 seconds.

So it seems to that technologies like Adobe air really does benefit from this new architecture. After fooling with my laptop for several hours I decided it was time for a break. I loaded my son’s guitar hero three DVD on my laptop to see how well it would play this game.

I was astounded at how well this game ran. Any kind of jitteriness completely gone under this new system. This to me was the acid test on how fast this system can run and it passed with flying colors.

So the question really is up to you? If you’re looking at a new laptop or desktop with the new Intel I7 processor there is definitely a higher cost to it. In my opinion it’s well worth it.

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