Intel’s Quickpath Interconnect System

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Hey guys, Icarus is back again with more on some of the new features of Intel’s new X58 motherboard. Today, I’m going to be talking about another feature: the QuickPathInterconnect(QPI) system.

One of the new features that makes this processor interesting is Intel’s new QuickPath Interconnect(QPI) system. The QuickPath Interconnect, or QPI, was created by Intel as a competitor to the HyperTransport system, a similar system AMD uses on its AMD processors and motherboards. Much of the features of the QPI system is similar to that of the HT(HyperTransport) system.

Simply put, the QPI system provides an efficient and quick path between the processor(Core i7 series only) and the motherboard(Intel X58 motherboards only). By providing this link, the QPI system helps the computers save power, operate at tremendous speeds, and allow the Core i7 processors to efficiently work out threads that have been assigned to each core.

The link between the processor and the motherboard is also crucial, because that also means that other components have access to other components connected to the motherboard; for example, the graphics card will have a connection with the processor, the memory will have connection to the HDD, and so on. Because of this, there is much less room for errors; each component connected to the motherboard will have access to other components via an efficient network that allows other components to help fix small, and maybe even large, errors. Also, the QPI system assumes that the memory controller is inside and under the control of the processor.

Now, how does this effect the hardware itself? Well, according to benchmarks with the X58 motherboard and the Core i7 processors, the combination outscored the best processor of its predecessors. Now, does this mean that the QPI system had an effect on it? Probably so. But how much the QPI system affected this performance gap is unknown. It may have been the processor; it may have been the circuit design of both the Core i7 and the X58. But this much is known; the QPI system is a new feature that can make a difference, small or large.

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