Intel Core Duo Thinkpad T60 Review

Intel Core Duo Thinkpad T60

The biggest feature of the Thinkpad T60 is the fact that it is one of Lenovo’s first Centrino Duo capable notebooks.? The sample we got was in fact a Centrino Duo system as it was equipped with an Intel 945GM chipset, 3945ABG wireless solution and an Intel Core Duo T2600 (2.16GHz) processor.? IBM does offer other versions of the T60 that use the Core Duo processor but don’t meet the requirements to be called a Centrino Duo as well.?

Specs of the ThinkPad T60 Being Reviewed:

  • Model #: 2623-D3U
  • Processor: Intel T2500 2.0GHz Core Duo
  • Motherboard Chipset: Intel Calistoga i945GM/PM
  • Hard Drive: 100GB 5400RPM SATA (Hitachi Travelstar HTS541010G9SA00)
  • Memory/RAM: 1GB (1,024MB) (configurable up to 4GB)
  • Screen: 15.0″ 1400 x 1050 SXGA+ (LG Philips LP150E05 – A2)
  • Graphics: ATI X1400 128MB
  • Optical Drive: Multi-Burner DVD recordable
  • Battery: 9-cell (extended life, protrudes from back of notebook)
  • Wireless: Intel PRO/Wireless 3945ABG (802.11 a/b/g), Bluetooth 2.0, InfraRed
  • User Input: Touchpad, Pointing Stick, UltraNav buttons, Fingerpring Scanner
  • Warranty: 3-years parts and labor, 1-year thinkpad t60 battery
  • Dimensions:
    14.1″ screen config: 12.2″ x 10.0″ x 1.0-1.2″ (width x depth x thickness)
    15″ screen config: 13″ x 10.6″ x 1.2-1.4″ (width x depth x thickness)
  • Weight: 6.4lbs (14″ T60 is about 5.2 lbs with a 6-cell battery and optical drive)
  • Ports:

    • 3 USB 2.0 ports
    • dock/port replicator
    • Display-out
    • AC adapter port
    • RJ-11 (Modem)
    • RJ-45 (Ethernet LAN)
    • Audio line out for headphone/speakers
    • Microphone

  • Slots:

    • 1 Type II PC card slot
    • 1 ExpressCard 54 slot

  • Buttons:

    • Power on/off
    • Volume up/down/mute (3 buttons)
    • Wireless on/off
    • ThinkVantage shortcut button (shortcut to system support, security and diagnostics suite)
    • Battery lock and release

  • Price: $2,799 (as of 2/13/2006 at )

Basically the same as its predecessor T-series notebooks did. The T60 body is a rugged plastic that does not flex. The magnesium reinforced lid won’t flex and provides amazing protection for the screen. The keyboard does not flex — at all. The thick metal hinges that attach the screen are very rigid and ensure the screen does not wobble. The keyboard is spill proof and has two drain holes to make sure if you do happen to spill your morning Starbucks coffee, the liquid is carried away from sensitive components and out through the bottom of the notebook. The hard drive is shock mounted and the entire chassis is a newly designed magnesium “roll cage” (it offers 30% more protection that past T-series chassis), and even if your T60 is dropped and broken the Active Protection System (APS) will stop hard drive activity to prevent data loss. The double screen latch system locks securely to make sure the screen stays down when being carried around. In other words, there’s no shortcuts being used in build quality from past ThinkPad notebooks since the Lenovo takeover of IBM — only enhancements.

The inside meant that this computer had an Intel chip inside meaning better performance than those other people, way back in 1993, not that Intel focused on the insides of the computer. Watch it and this will actually be bad for them. All those people won’t even recognize the intel they knew with the new logo.

I admit it, I have no use for the Weener (Windows) keys. Its a pointless feature to have if you use other OSs or migrating AWAY from Windows. Its like Nvidia’s chipset firewall solution…Another pointless feature for “Windows Only” users. (Which causes more trouble than its really worth).

With Lenovo adopting all these “everyone else has it” features, its not the same ThinkPad anymore. They don’t stand out technologically, like they used to.

Granted, the fingerprint scanner and keyboard light is interesting, but that’s all there is. My oldR50 ThinkPad has a keyboard light as well. So I guess the only thing is the fingerprint scanner.

Like the ThinkPad Z61m, the ThinkPad T60 features a 15.4-inch wide-screen display with a 1,680×1,050 native resolution that affords a large amount of screen real estate (nearly 26 columns and 51 rows on the default Excel spreadsheet) but can make text appear small. Users who fall behind on their Vitamin A supplements can configure the T60 with a 1,280×800 resolution display. As with all ThinkPads, a reading light tucked into the bezel above the screen lets you illuminate the keyboard when working in dark environments. The T60 lacks the built-in Webcam found on the Z61m’s display bezel.

As for ThinkVantage, that is useful…To some extent.

I tried to “clean restore” WinXP from the hidden partition (as Windows requires a clean installation after 2 or more years of use), and I get a crapload of errors. The Trackpoint or Touchpad seem to be no longer detected, and so on. And other error messages. I couldn’t get past finishing the install. So I unhid that WinXP Partition, and formatted the sucker clean, gained 8GB back of HDD space. Which is enough for a quadriple boot…Win2k, Slackware, FreeBSD and Solaris. (And they all work fine with the Trackpoint/Touchpad).

In all Starting price is higher than comparable systems’; lacks a number of nonessential but fairly standard ports and connections. Sturdy, well-designed case; strong security features; full range of networking connections, including WWAN and Bluetooth; swappable internal bay; solid warranty terms and well-reputed support.

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