I5 + Gt330 Samsung R780 Evaluation

Like all games of this, the evaluation of the Samsung R780 also has a good hardware configuration. 2.40GHz frequency of the new Core i5-520 processor, with 1GB of video memory on the graphics card GT330M independence for the whole performance has laid a solid foundation; 4GB memory capacity of the system to be more rapid than in the past, large-capacity 500GB hard disk is more for more audio and video files stored with impunity, even if the notebook is often Xiaobian also play their game performance was filled with hope. Let us witness together the following Samsung R780 ultra-cool game this test it!
The new mid-level graphics performance to provide powerful momentum for the game
Samsung R780 main configuration list
Core i5 520M, frequency 2.40GHz, Core Frequency 2.93GHz, 8MB Cache 3
Main Chipset
Intel Ibex Peak-M PM55
4GB DDR3 memory, 1066MHz, dual channel
NVIDIA GeForce GT330M, 1GB GDDR3 memory
17.3 inches (1600X900) LED backlit screen
Hard disk
500GB hard drive (4,500 rpm SATA-II interface, 8MB cache)
4400Wh lithium battery
Windows 7 pre-installed 64-bit Home Premium
NVIDIA Geforce 300M series laptop graphics cards already in the official announcement a long time, on the whole the new graphics card release that is previous generation GeForce 200M Series Dress to keep up with the same generation of products using 40nm process technology design, with 305M, 310M, GT325M, GT330M, GT335M, GTS350M and GTS360M seven models, games and video cards are tested in the GT330M performance level.
GT330M graphics 3DMark06 test, left 1024, the right is 1600
The order form from the official view, NVIDIA GeForce GT330M level of performance is flattening, as is GT325M can high-frequency version, the simple point that is used to 忽悠 users. NVIDIA GeForce GT330M has 48 stream processors, floating point performance 182GFlops, Shader unit frequency of 1210MHz, Memory Interface 128-bit, when equipped with the highest frequency of GDDR3 800MHz, DDR3 highest at 1066MHz, but does not support SLI. From the bottom of the card game ladder provided, you can rely on the performance of the above 3DMark06 total score, can be found GT330M playable game level graphics.
NVIDIA to seven cards from the new location, which is used to replace the previous generation G210M is the 305M, 310M, are mainstream graphics card with 16 stream processors. Replace GTS250M and GTS260M is GTS350M and GTS360M, positioning high performance level has 96 stream processors. The evaluation of GT330M and GT325M, GT335M performance level is used to replace the familiar GT230/GT240M card. Mainstream graphics cards from the bottom of the test data comparison of the performance can you see GT330M.
As independence was to join the new test in the test machine added to the user as a reference. Graphics on the PCMark05 and Vantage scores is not conclusive, and accessories will be interaction between performance, so its performance is compared to the case, only the sub-test from the graphics comparison. Test scores from the point of view, with the GT330M the 3D scores are performed well, both by a wide margin ahead of the corresponding old model.

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