FIFA 17 Demo – Xbox 360 vs. Xbox One Graphics Comparison

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We compare the graphics of FIFA 17 Demo on Xbox 360 and Xbox One. FIFA 17 on PC and current-gen consoles PS4 and Xbox One evolved from Ignite to Frostbite Engine, upgrading its graphics and more. Since this is the demo of FIFA 17, some interesting features are not available, for example playing while it’s raining. We will of course do another comparison as soon as we get hands on the retail version. We did some face comparisons, too, for example from Boateng, Hazard, Ronaldo, etc. We used two of the three stadiums, Centurylink Field, home of the Sounders FC as well as Seattle Seahawks and the Stamfort Bridge Stadium, home of FC Chelsea.
Wir vergleichen die Grafik der FIFA 17 Demo auf Xbox 360 und Xbox One. Mit FIFA 17 findet die Frostbite Engine Einzug in die FIFA-Serie, die die ältere Ignite Engine auf PC, PS4 und Xbox One ablöst . Einige Features fehlen in der Demo, so kann man etwa nicht bei Regen spielen. Einen Vergleich davon reichen wir mit Erscheinen der Retail-Versionen nach. Wir haben zudem einige Spieler miteinander verglichen, darunter Boateng, Hazard, Ronaldo und Martial. Von den drei Stadien der Demo zeigen wir zwei, das Centurylink Field, Heimat der Sounders FC und der Seattle Seahawks, sowie das Stamfort Bridge Stadion, Heimat des FC Chelsea.

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Captured with Nvidia ShadowPlay (130 Mbit) / Elgato GameCapture HD 60 Pro

Music: Bringin It Back – Digital Juice

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GameStar-PC Ultra
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2TB SATA III Western Digital Red WD20EFRX
Windows 10 64bit

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  3. keep in mind that the Xbox 360 not improve anything from the fifa 14 pes change always does the same for the old and new generations, so always say that the pes is much better than fifa

  4. They use different game engines. XB360 version also the old one and the XB ONE version use a new Frostbite Engine. For those who do not understand.

  5. 360 was a worthy successor from the ps2 for me. so great. if you love playing games and don't get into the fps 4k texture goofy stuff it's still one helluva console!

  6. some days ago I purchased the xbox one and its the completely different from other
    consoles it is a lot better than others

  7. es muy similar y son muy pocas las diferencias entre las dos consolas. lo más evidente es la textura y la altura de los jugadores. en xbox One son más altos y menos corpulentos y en xbox 360 son más bajitos y más gorditos. sólo la textura del campo y de las camisetas

  8. xbox 360=jogo rodando em 720p 30fps com textura low
    xbox one=1080p 60fps textura= max vc quer oq compra com o ps4 da vida

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