Ericsson and Intel Will Jointly Launch the Most Advanced Notebook Anti-theft Technology

Notebook computer data security has always been the most important business customers is a major feature one of the ways to strengthen technology research firms each have spared no effort in one of the key tasks. Ericsson and Intel recently announced co-operation between the two will jointly launch the most advanced notebook anti-theft technology, when lost or stolen notebook after notebook users can remotely lock and tracking.

It is reported that, when Ericsson’s mobile broadband module (3.5G HSPA) will be integrated into the notebook, and Intel’s “PC anti-theft protection technology” (Anti-Theft PC Protection Technology) combined. As a result, lost in the post-notebook users to send text messages directly to mobile broadband notebook computer chips, chips to lock to receive information immediately passed to the Intel AT-P function can be locked for the other; once the notebook was recovered, again as long as Send text messages to unlock the notebook.

In addition to these, Ericsson’s mobile broadband module also joined the GPS function, when the laptop was stolen after the user can also carry GPS global positioning and find the location of the notebook.

According to Ericsson revealed that the load-to-date anti-theft technology Centrino 2 notebooks will be introduced in the second half of 2009.

With the mobile broadband notebooks with more and more profit through the theft of an increasing number of cases, these notebooks provide anti-theft protection has become increasingly necessary, such anti-theft protection of the business market is very broad. For businesses or consumers, if lost or stolen notebook could cause significant economic losses, of which the sensitive data is particularly important.

Through the provision of Ericsson’s mobile broadband module, sent on the network security management services to the mobile broadband module can send information, the module will be able to receive messages sent to Intel’s anti-theft feature on the system. Then, based on Intel’s notebook anti-theft technology will automatically adopt the appropriate measures, or lock the computer so that it can not be used. Once the notebook was to restore and re-positioning, will be issued to unlock the information so that the notebook will work again.

Editor point of view: It sounds a good anti-theft technology, but details still think there are some loopholes. On the one hand, the so-called GPS positioning system, once the notebook into the indoor environment or the basement will be very difficult to be found, the GPS is not a bad idea, but there will be a very practical use. On the other hand, the mobile phone text messages through mobile broadband modules for long-range lock, to break up is simple, as long as the thief inserted in the notebook on the SIM card out on the Shashi not, then this so-called anti-theft technology becomes A display.

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