Dell-vostro 1310 (core2 Duo T5670)

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Sneak Peek

Get yourself ready to enjoy the benefits of Dell-Vostro 1310 (Core2 Duo T5670) laptop. It delivers powerful and fast application response time with its Intel Core2 Duo T5670 processor and colorful, vibrant images with its resolution of 1280 x 800 pixels.

Key Features

Dell-Vostro 1310 (Core2 Duo T5670) laptop is packed with wealth of features to provide unmatched performance and seamless connectivity in everyday computing. The powerful Intel Core2 Duo T9300 processor delivers deliver impressive task in any business or personal situation. It provides flexible security option to prevent unauthorized access to your data or files. The keyboard is easy to function and keys have a nice matte texture with proper spacing between each key. The touchpad is smooth to use, again with the same matte texture finish, and not oversensitive to the touch. The 160 GB hard drive gives you enough storage space to keep your data, movies, music. The 13.3? display screen with a resolution of 1280 x 800 pixels gives you vibrant widescreen images.


With the dimension of 317 x 243 x 23.8 mm and weight of 2.02 kg it is thin and lightweight and can be carried anywhere while traveling. The body is made of magnesium-alloy for durability and sturdiness.

Core Information

The cache memory of Dell-Vostro 1310 (Core2 Duo T5670) laptop is 2048 KB. This form of memory can be considered as an intermediary between the main physical RAM and the CPU. The cache makes any data regularly used by CPU instantly obtainable.

Cutting Edge Technology

Dell-Vostro 1310 Laptop has various ports and slots for different utilizations. It features Express Card slot, Firewire port, 4 USB Port, 8 in 1 Digital Media Reader, Bluetooth. The notebook comes with integrated Graphics Media Accelerator X3100 video display card which has been manufactured by Intel.


Dell Laptops are the ideal for small business and working professionals. It has good stylish look, durable construction, advanced technology, portability at an affordable price. It lacks S-video and HDMI port which may cause some concerns among users looking for flexibility in connectivity. Otherwise it is an excellent product.

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