Best gaming computer for all gaming title to come

June 2010 – perfect time to buy a new gaming computer!

Intel still is the king of the hill with Core i7 processors – real quad cores with Hyper Threading (8 virtual cores), also Extreme Hexa Core available – i7 980X that can be pushed over 4Ghz overclocked on air! Also Intel brings unlocked parts (like only in extreme editions before) to the market – i5 665K and i7 875K – both for socket LGA 1156. Core i5 665K has unlocked multiplier for awesome and easy overclocks above 4Ghz – you only have to change multiplier. It’s only a dual core processor but it has Hyper Threading technology so you can consider it a virtual Quad Core – great for multi threaded applications. Though Core i7 875K is so better at that. It’s basically the same as older i7 870 – same frequency and characteristics, but it has much lower price tag ($320 vs $560) and it has unlocked core – essentially making i7 870 a no go processor. Even i7 860 with lower price tag is not that attractive any more.

AMD – still the best for the low-mid range gaming computers (and high end to some extent). Bringing to the table new Athlon II and Phenom II processors and lowering overall prices across the board it has achieved much in the last months. Six Core Phenom II processors are really good for gaming and multi tasking and are very poplar in enthusiast lines. AMD fights ACC – advanced core calibration but board manufacturers still offer (and even more than before) ACC on their motherboards – it lets you unlock dormant cores on Phenom and Athlon X2 and X3 – many times making them great triple and quad core processors without any effort. For example I had just got Athlon II X3 440 3.0Ghz running as a quad core Phenom II B40 X4 at frequency 3.5Ghz – without voltage increase and with stock cooler – below 50’C loaded! So AMD is doing really good these says.

Videocards – same as before – Nvidia GTX 470 and 480 leading the way competing with ATI 5850 and 5870. Nvidia just released a new videocard GTX 460 – it’s a cut down GTX 470. Still expensive to manufacture it’s not really anything new – pretty hot and power hungry. As of now it has hard time competing with ATI 4830 which is cheaper by the way. Let’s just hope that new drivers will increase performance.

Memory is not going in price too much over the late times so it’s good for now. Really nothing else major happened on the gaming computer hardware front, unless you’ve missed release of new AMD 870, 880G, 890GX and 890FX boards. Same great cases from Antec and Thermaltake and Cooler Master are recommended as before. Cooler Master Hyper 212 is still the best cooler for the price.

Stay with us and we will keep you updated on the latest in gaming PC hardware!

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