What Is A IBM Specialist 000-553 Study Guide?

IBM Specialist 000-553 study guide provides sample questions to help you determine what the tests cover. IBM Specialist study guides come in a variety of forms. You can purchase study guides from many online retailers. These guides are in the form of ebooks, online guides and physical books and study cards. You can also take classes which guide you through the material included in the study guides. However, with so many study guide for selecting, Exampdf should be the best choice for preparation.

000-553 Exam
IBM Certified Specialist Netezza Performance Software v6.0
Exam Number/Code: 000-553
Exam Name: IBM Certified Specialist Netezza Performance Software v6.0
Questions and Answers: 128Q&As
Updated: 06-30-2011

Exampdf 000-553 study guides provide just the IBM Certified Specialist Netezza Performance Software v6.0 material is a list or quick note format. IBM Specialist study guides cover a wide range of material. One of the biggest sections deals with computer hardware. Some of the main topics covered in the hardware section of the guide are hardware architecture, preventative maintenance, how to disassemble a desktop and laptop, how to configure devices and ports and installing drives.

You will also study the meanings behind error codes and how to use diagnostic utilities. Another important topic is networking, including network capabilities and Internet protocols. Though the above topics are generally more specific, there are general topics the IBM Specialist study guide covers as well. These topics take you through understanding the 000-553 Specialist model and the decimal, binary and hex number systems.

Our IBM 000-553 Exam will provide you with exam questions and verified answers that reflect the actual exam. These questions and answers provide you with the experience of taking the actual test. The Specialist 000-553 practice exam is not just questions and answers. They are your access to high technical expertise and accelerated learning capacity.

Which CREATE DATABASE attributes are required?
A. The database name.
B. The database name and the redo log file name.
C. The database name and the table space name.
D. The database name and the temporary table space name.
Answer: A
Which statement is true for database users and groups.?
A. All users must belong to admin group.
B. Creation of users and groups is not allowed.
C. Users and groups are local and tied to a particular database.
D. Users and groups are global and not tied to a particular database.
Answer: D

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