Welcome to the cognitive era – IBM CEO Ginni Rometty describes a new era in technology and business

For the past several years, the converging forces of data, cloud, mobile and social technologies and the Internet of Things have disrupted industries and led to unprecedented transformation across every type of business. Many enterprises have made the shift to become ‘digital.’ However, at IBM we believe that digital is not the destination, but the foundation for a new era of business, which we call cognitive. When digital disruption meets digital intelligence, new possibilities are created by systems that understand, reason and learn.

0:00 – Introduction / What is IBM?
7:01 – IBM’s Strategic Imperatives
15:58 – The IBM Transformation
22:44 – The Cognitive Era
31:53 – Implications of Cognitive Business
38:46 – Lightning Round
41:24 – The Future of IBM

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28 thoughts on “Welcome to the cognitive era – IBM CEO Ginni Rometty describes a new era in technology and business

  1. so much talk and so little actual demos. Seems like they sell a not yet fully developed product

  2. Ginni is cool. I love your approach towards future technologies. Its my great desire to work with cognitive era. Hope I will get opportunity in IBM.

  3. Super cool CEO. Her knowledge on the technology is really amazing! She knows even the minute details of her business. And she uses FitBit :D

  4. Ginni is very smart. The future of satellites technology will have to be a multimodal speed interchanges, for to ascertain multipositionning series of satellites an unimodal or plurimodal system without intercom connexions of data would be useless or not fit for operations.

  5. Why do business people appear to know nothing about reality. It's like when people think Donald trump is smart, but without actually listening to him. She mentioned losing 90% of curriculum information without acknowledgeing the fact that school curriculum was designed to mislead a zombified public into being disconnected from the rest of humanity. Orwells calling

  6. Might IBM Watson checkout #cyberpeacefare and determine feasibility of this idea in Initiating CyberWorldPeaceTsunami (butterfly effect + small world theory + cloud computing /data/analytics) ? CyberPeaceGadfly

  7. Thanks for the captions. They are actually accurate, unlike the machine generated captions on most YouTube videos.

  8. I remember my dad's first computer was this computer called an IBM personal computer xt or IBM 5160 in the late 1980s. i can still remember the noise it made as it started up ;-)

  9. IBM will continue to be a significant enabler in the evolution of Digital Era – This is a well-articulated pitch by Ginni and throws open a lot of thought starters on the why and how of the next future years as well as now

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